Welcome to Kingsport, Tennessee.

The city of Kingsport, Tennessee is a friendly, close-knit, family-oriented Christian community located in the heart of the Bible Belt, in the Appalachian mountains of eastern Tennessee near the border with Virginia and North Carolina. Voted All-America City in 1999, Kingsport is referred to as "the Model City" for the fact that Kingsport has always set the gold standard for prosperity and happiness of those who live within its boundaries. Most citizens work for the largest employer in town, the Tennessee Eastman Kodak Company, though a number of citizens find a living in professions such as construction, nursing assitant and food service perparation.

Although Kingsport has a comfortable, laidback atmosphere you'd come to expect out of any small town in the south, citizens here enjoy AMENities and activities unparalleled by the largest cities on the planet. A 5-star hotel and conference resort with adjoining convention center, multi-million dollar winery, acquatics and aerobics center, a recreational theme park for pets, many multi-million dollar tournament-ready ball stadiums, and over 200 different places of worship (Christian) within an hour's drive are just a few of the attractions we have to offer. The downtown area is packed with hundreds of shoppes, antique malls, and art galleries, and the downtown sidewalks are festooned with some of the most fantastical artwork and sculptures from around the galaxy.

The city of Kingsport is internationally famous for its "Fun Fest" event, celebrated every 4th of July holiday. Fun Fest is one of the largest civic celebrations being held annually by any city in the United States and, in fact, is definitively better than anything Johnson City has ever done, by far. Fun Fest has drawn tourists from as far away as China and Holland, and is highlighted by many activities including a parade, a scavenger hunt, a potato sack relay, several outdoor concerts mainlined by top country and disco musical performers, and also an event known as "Taste of Tri-Cities" where, for a nominal entrance fee, participants can sample local cuisine.

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