The KINGSPORT CHRISTIAN PATRIOT presents a special CHRISTmas edition.


And we will no longer be SILENT.

The KINGSPORT CHRISTIAN PATRIOT presents a special CHRISTmas edition.

"Sullivan Leaders say 'NO' to gays".

County condemns homoSICKuals; votes to nullify Supreme Court on same-sicks "marriage".

Most people associate "political correctness" with California or New York City because that's where all the bleeding-hearts and queers live, as well as bloviating knuckleheads like "Reverend" Sharpton, Gloria Alred, and Michael Moore. Though the truth is, there is a region within the United States where the inhabitants strive to be hundreds of times, if not BILLIONS OF TIMES more politically correct than the degenerate Liberal douches who live in California, and this place is a lot closer to home than you think. Basically, what we are talking about here is THE SOUTH.

At this point, you're probably thinking to yourself: WHAT? I know this sounds like an odd claim. How in the world do Southerners strive to be "politically correct"? They ain't queers, they ain't pussies, they ain't even Democrats. And, in particular, Southerners in today's world are famously known for always asserting their outright contempt for political correctness, because being politically correct, apologizing for anything, loyalty to GOVERNMENT, etc., are all regarded as synonymous with weakness. Which is why Southerners are constantly striving to figure out new, clever ways to be politically IN-correct (e.g., Phil Robertson).

Well first, let's consider that there is a reason why Southerners, more than any other Americans, are regarded for their hospitality; why people get friendlier the farther south you go in the United States. Because Southerners have always been really good at waiting until you leave the room before we say what we really have on our minds. Unlike Northerners who lack any sense of inhibition or propriety at all, Southerners have perfected the art of putting on a face; and, in particular, being kind to people in spite of the fact that we don't particuarly care for you.

Part of this is from a sense that we don't want to be punched in the face just for being honest about what we think of you. Part of this is from a sense that, as a good Christian, I have a responsibility to be the "bigger man". Like when someone rapes and murders your whole family and now you are at their trial, and you feel compelled to say, "I forgive you" just like Jesus. In fact, you are required to put on a show because that's what being the "bigger man" is all about. Or that guy at work you can't stand to be around; you know it; he knows it; and so obviously it makes PERFECT SENSE that you thrust out your hand, "Put'er there good buddy." Or when a [member of a protected class] enters the room and you have to be ultra, ultra-respectful because anything you say could be construed as RACIST, so you have to put a lid on it. Unfortunately, the problem is that when a [member of a protected class] enters the room, eventually that [member of a protected class] leaves the room. And now that said [member of a protected class] is out of earshot, you can freely express yourself without OFFENDING anyone and being accused of being a RACIST, HOMOPHOBE, BIGOT, etc.. In other words, when the black/muslime/homo/foreigner finally walks away, I have to listen to your PITY PARTY. "Why do THEY get to do whatever THEY want to do??? WHAAAA!!!"

This may come as a shock to you, but guess what dummy: I've already heard this discussion a million times before, I don't want to hear it AGAIN. I don't want to hear it AGAIN from the pulpit, at the start of a Quality Control meeting, while I'm at the barber shop, or from the multitude of retirees who take up all the seats at Hardee's every morning in spite of the fact that, evidently, THEY NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING. This is EXACTLY why the Internet was invented, so that you will have a place to upload all these things that nobody else wanted to hear because they done heard them a million times already. In fact, while you were busy having your pity party, I was standing there nodding my head like I was interested, but in reality I was just passively noting all the things you said to me in confidence so that I could throw it all on a website and in real life I won't have to dwell on that stuff like you do all the time, I can go out in the real world and enjoy myself. Think about that one for a moment; I'm out someplace shooting off guns and having fun, I'm not even here right now, but YOU ARE.

Of course, you will be hard pressed to find anyone in the south who will admit any of this. We AREN'T nice just because we owe it to black people or whoever to be politically correct in their presence and not offend them. WE DON'T OWE ANYBODY; in fact, if you're offended then that's your problem, dummy. So instead of "political correctness", Southerners will ALWAYS insist that the kind hearts and generous behavior they incessantly pride themselves on comes exclusively from them being "good Christians". Though you might ask, does being a "good Christian" mean you go away to some foreign land where blasting Commies and Ragheads becomes second nature, but then a few years later you come back to this country and let these SAME LIBERAL VERMIN walk all over you, you just lay down and take it like a doormat because you are too afraid to pipeup and say something straight to their face, and then you complain all your problems to me like I'm Dr. Phil? Trust me, I'm not interested in ENABLING your PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE behavior.

And if you don't believe me, it is political correctness, not of the queer or the Liberal or the black, but of the Southerner, the Christian Conservative, from whence the notion of the "Silent Majority" originates. I'm sure you've heard of that term before; the so-called "Silent Majority" refers specifically to people like YOU who stand by and do absolutely nothing while those who exploit weakness take over, then you come to me and complain about it, and I'm standing there nodding my head like I agree with you, when really I just wish you would UPLOAD all these comments to the Internet so I wouldn't have to hear them over and over again while I'm in chrurch, at the barber shop, at Hardee's, etc.. Race-baiting from Obummer and "Reverend" Sharpton; same-sicks marriage; Feminism; Black Lives Matter; blah blah blah; all of these things happened not because of Liberals, but instead, and PRINCIPALLY, because YOU stood by and did NOTHING except COMPLAIN to me about it, feeling sorry for yourself, all-the-while these militant, self-entitled Liberals walked right through an open door because YOU let them. Dummy.

"I did not vote for Obama. I am a Conservative. I don't agree with anything on your hate site."

LOL, yes, I get it. I said the word "fuck" earlier and now you don't agree with me on anything. Guess what: I don't need your approval, dummy. So keep telling yourself that I'm a bad person and you are the "bigger man", meanwhile Hillary "Benghazi" Clinton will take full advantage of your naiveness and waltz herself right into the White House just like the Lawn Jockey did twice in a row, and all because of people just like YOU.

There is a man right now who has the guts to speak up and stop those who prey on the weak. This man is America's last hope. And, it's no surprise that he is being accused time and time again of being inflamatory, being a hater, being OFFENSIVE, being POLITICALLY INCORRECT.

There is no doubt that Donald Trump has a knack for zeroing in on all of the things that you don't want to hear, because the truth of the matter is that the things you don't want to hear are ALWAYS the things you NEED to hear. Maybe that's one of the reasons why Donald Trump is hundreds of points ahead of any other GOP primary candidate right now, why all the newspapers are saying that his message is "resonating" with the middle class. And what's even more interesting is that, evidently, it's not so important what his message is, what's MOST attractive is that he isn't afraid to say it OUT LOUD and not dick around about it.

Some have characterized Trump as a bully; that he thinks a lot of himself and very little of others. Guess what. That's what being STRONG is all about; that's what it takes to be a successful leader: doing things because you want to, irregardless of whether or not it hurts other peoples' precious "feelings". When you are Alpha, you're supposed to step on A LOT of toes, because WINNING is all about knowing how to put NUMBER 1 first, not about trying to drag hundreds of thousands of LOSERS across the finish line with you. And isn't that the fundamental difference between a WINNER like Donald Trump, and a weak, bleeding-heart Liberal cunt like Obummer? Remember, when it comes to the bottom line, whether in the realm of business or in the real world, losers contribute absolutely NOTHING to society, it is the efforts of WINNERS that always matter the most. Those are the people we ought to be caring about: WINNERS.

If there's anything we've learned from Donald Trump regarding success, leadership and life, it's that if you want something, then you better stand up and take it because nobody is going to hand it to you. For all too long now Liberals have understood this too well, because that's exactly what they are: TAKERS. Well guess what, dummy; it's time for straight white Christians who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership to become TAKERS too, and TAKE BACK AMERICA. This is OUR country, not THEIRS. The Silent Majority will no longer be SILENT.

The KINGSPORT CHRISTIAN PATRIOT presents a special CHRISTmas edition.

"Sullivan Leaders say 'NO' to gays".

County condemns homoSICKuals; votes to nullify Supreme Court on same-sicks "marriage".

BLOUNTVILLE, TENNESSEE. Last Tuesday in a special year-end CHRISTmas session, the Sullivan County Commission, following the earlier lead of the Greene County Commission, voted on and successfully passed a resolution which condemned homoSICKuals; nullified the Supreme Court ruling which "legalized" same-sicks "marriage" here in Sullivan County (as well as the rest of the United States); and solicited the Governor of Tennessee and the state Legislature to stand against this Federal REGIME, and establish necessary laws and a legal defense fund to indemnify any Tennesseean who makes such a stand. The Sullivan County resolution asserts that marriage, "consistent with the created order, and the law of nature and nature's God, has always consisted of one man and one woman".

As we have stated time and time again, the Holy Bible specifically states that homoSICKuality is an abomination; that homoSICKuals should all be EXECUTED; and that this is a just and necessary consequence due any person who willfully violates God's law. And the fact of the matter is, Tennessee residents agree; just a few years ago an overwhelming number of Tennessee voters swept a referendum into law (Tennessee State Constititution, Article XI, Squiggle Mark 18) which specifically outlawed same-sicks "marriage" in Tennessee, and specified that same-sicks "marriages" performed in other states will not be recognized here in Tennessee.

According to the resolution passed by Sullivan County leaders Tuesday night, the "five justices of the United States Supreme Court issued a lawless opinion with no basis in American law or history, purporting to overturn natural marriage and find a 'right' to same-sex 'marriage' in the United States Constitution and the fourteenth amendment".

A "right" to same-sicks "marriage"????

Guess what. A piece of paper off the desk of five Supreme Court JACKASSES does NOT redefine marriage, which is entirely a Christian sacrament that the laws of men have no authority to redefine in the first place! And, in fact, as we've said time and time again, when a Liberal talks about "equal rights", what these douches are REALLY talking about is SPECIAL PRIVELEGES FOR A PROTECTED CLASS, which history has shown ALWAYS comes at the cost of the Liberty of EVERYONE ELSE. These five justices AWARDED a bunch of child/pet molesting, turd-burgling, rainbow-prancing Nancy's with special priveleges, but what of the RIGHTS of the CHRISTIANS whose personal beliefs are now CRIMINALIZED because straight white Christians who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership are ALWAYS unfairly regarded by this GOVERNMENT as BIGOTS and RACISTS?? Liberals AREN'T interested in trying to be equal with ANYONE, which is why, instead of trying to live and be respected as "equals", they are busy IMPOSING THEIR WILL via FEDERAL LEGISLATION, SUPREME COURT DECISIONS, and EXECUTIVE ORDERS from the gilded pen of a coward, traitor, terrorist, and all-around CUNT from Kenya.

In an article about the county commission meeting, reporter J.H. Osborne of the Kingsport newspaper summed up the atmosphere in the Courthouse Tuesday night:

Travis Olinger, of Blountville, warned that if the supreme court is allowed to get away with this, its members will become emboldened and ultimately "they will take your guns away... Now is the time to stand up and resist federal tyranny," Olinger said (timesnews 12/14).

Many things could probably be said of the leadership here in Sullivan County, and so I won't waste time enumerating any of those particulars as the reputation of our local leaders is well-known here in east Tennessee. Some cynics have accused the Commission of orchestrating this same-sicks "marriage" vote as a cheap political "gimmick" to curry the favor of people like me who are easily "distracted". Well guess what. IT WORKED. And for two primary reasons.


Commissioner John Gardner put it best when he said, "This lets Tennessee be Tennessee." (timesnews 12/14). States rights, state SOVERIGNTY, religious freedom, traditional marriage, and the Constitution are all vital institutions that Tennesseans have always held dear; and, sadly, this tyrannical Federal REGIME has made a mockery of each! Which is exactly why, when this resolution came before the Sullivan commission and it was asked of those present who would sponsor it, Commissioner Baxter Hood jumped up without hesitation, "You can count on me". Baxter Hood and a group of rural county commissioners stood up and shook their fists to the entirety of the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT. This is the work of modest, everyday, ordinary citizens who know their Constitutional rights and aren't about to let them be diminished by five over-reaching dickheads in robes.

Pastor Patrick Hines, Blountville said, "If the God-ordained institution of marriage is changed to include same-sex couples, our culture will be defenseless against every other form of sexual perversion man's imagination is able to think of. Putting the proper measures in place to protect our county from same-sex marriage is not bigotry, it is wisdom." (timesnews, 12/14).

This vote sent a message. THIS IS WHO WE ARE; THIS IS WHAT WE STAND FOR. HomoSICKuals will never be accepted, will never be tolerated, will never be welcome, not in America, not in Tennessee, not in Sullivan County. This "lifestyle" is perversion, an abomination in the eyes of God, these deviants should be taken out and executed as it says in the Holy Bible, it is not normal no matter how much Liberals insist otherwise. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, these LIBERAL special interest groups have pushed their agenda on a state which has demonstrated through democratic vote that we will NEVER accept same-sicks "marriage"; we will NEVER accept these perverts as normal; we will NEVER apologize; not now, not ever.

Those with family values, those who believe in America and Christ, all stand with the Sullivan County Commission. What these Commissioners did exactly represents the Red, White and Blue; the freedom, Liberty and Democracy; THE CONSTITUTION that millions of PATRIOTS sacrificed their lives to protect. And guess what; Greene and Sullivan counties are just two of what are now thousands of others municipalities across the south, which are acting feverishly to author similar resolutions, to send similar messages nullifying the illegal, UNCONSTITUTIONAL OPINIONS of these five Supreme Court jackasses.

Steven Warhurst, of Kingsport said, "We believe the supreme court cannot make law, cannot change law, they are not a legislative body, and they've merely issued an opinion. And we should not submit to that opinion. We're begging you and asking you to keep them in their place." (timesnews, 12/14; Warhurst is cited by the newspaper as the original author of the Sullivan resolution).

On issues of personal rights and religious beliefs, of the individual to control his own destiny, and of the sacred God-ordained institution of "marriage", the Supreme Court has no authority whatsoever to illegally impose its will on the people. Which is why the Sullivan resolution states that "the tenth amendment reserves all powers not explicitly delegated to the federal government, to the people and states, respectively." Government gets its power from THE PEOPLE, not the other way around. Government lives in FEAR of THE PEOPLE, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.


And, of course, these three county commissioners aren't "traitors" simply because anyone disagrees with them; they are, in fact, "traitors" because--like Obummer, Hillary, and the rest of the Liberals--THEY HATE AMERICA. Each of these "men" were given an opportunity to vote in favor of protecting marriage and religious freedom, and they decided either through their MIS-GUIDED VOTE, through their IGNORANT APATHY, or through their IRRESPONSIBLE ABSENSE, that they would rather be associated with homoSICKual perverts crossdressing in wedding gowns than with Christians like you and me (i.e., NORMAL people).

Sure, "Kit" McGlothlin looks like a nice guy; in fact, I'm positive that in real life he is probably one of the least detestable of Sullivan's officials. But that doesn't change the fact that along comes one of the most monumental votes that Sullivan County has ever brought to the floor of the Courthouse and: YO, WHERE KIT AT? NOBODY KNOWS. Maybe the rules that apply to you and me don't apply to "Kit" McGlothlin. I know personally that if I were out boozing and partying all night long, and then I didn't show up for work the next day, I wouldn't be working there anymore. Not to say that Kit was out boozing, he was probably off someplace else doing something "really important", which was obviously much more important than getting RE-ELECTED NEXT YEAR.

How can you adequately serve the will of your constituents if you are not present in the hour of truth? Kit's bio says that he is a deacon at one of Kingsport's most prominent churches. Are you kidding??? How is this guy going to get up in front of a congregation on Sunday with a straight face when he PERSONALLY did NOTHING to protect religious freedom or marriage, and NOTHING to stave the encroachment of this out-of-control Federal REGIME and its all-out HOLOCAUST against straight white Christians who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership?

Pat Shull is the incompetent Liberal douche who gets re-elected year after year despite the fact that nobody likes him (every community in the South, no matter how Conservative, always has at least one babbling Liberal idiot that everybody learns to ignore). According to the Kingsport paper, both Shull and Eddie Williams held that the issue of same-sicks "marriage" was "not an issue in which the commission has a role" (timesnews, 12/14). Therefore, Shull abstained from voting, Williams voted against the measure (i.e., in FAVOR of gay marriage). According to the Bristol paper, Williams went on to clarify his vote by bringing up the "seperation of church and state" blah blah blah blah heard it before dummy blah blah blah (, 12/14).

Well anyway, there you go. These three knuckleheads have shown their TRUE COLORS, each had a chance to make a bold statement for America, for Jesus, for their Constituents, and for their own personal values, and instead of doing something respectable, they instead pissed away their opportunity to make a difference. But guess what; GOD IS ALWAYS WATCHING and according to the Bible, those who condone crimes (i.e., homoSICKual PERVERSION), those who stand by and do nothing while INNOCENTS SUFFER, are just as guilty as the ones who originally perpetrated the crimes in the first place.

Though, in closing, one thing that is particularly bewildering is Eddie Williams. Evidently, Williams voted to reject the Sullivan resolution protecting marriage, because he'd rather stand with the homoSICKuals than with MOST OF AMERICA WHO REJECT THIS DEVIANT LIFESTYLE. And yet, isn't this the same "Eddie Williams" who, 2 years ago, proposed a resolution officially banning convicted criminals from holding any jobs in Sullivan County? Most reputable businesses do not hire criminals, and for obvious reasons; though most of those businesses who refuse to hire criminals NEVER SAY THIS OUT LOUD because then those CRIMINALS will sue you for discrimination, you ignorant RACIST. Which is specifically why this resolution, which made it official county policy to ban criminals, caused so much concern among other county leaders about being sued by black people.

Well guess what, dummy; why are we, as a society, so WORRIED about OFFENDING all the WRONG PEOPLE who DON'T EVEN MATTER??? If a job application comes across my desk, the first thing I do is flip over to page 3 and look at the answer to question 67. If you put a checkmark next to "YES", then it doesn't matter how much time has passed, the nature of the crime, whether you have "changed", how hard you work for a living, or your five kids. Your application goes straight into the rubbish, and then when you call back a week later for a follow-up, I pretend like your paperwork got lost in the mail and I don't know what you are talking about. This is what's known as STANDARD BUSINESS PRACTICE IN INDUSTRY because CRIMINALS should NEVER be allowed to profit, nor be shown preferential treatment, over INNOCENT PEOPLE, the same INNOCENT PEOPLE who are always the VICTIMS of CRIMINALS.

Which is exactly why Eddie Williams' vote defending homoSICKuality is so bewildering. Wouldn't you agree that an "abomination" to the EYES OF GOD is obviously an infinitely worse Felony than the worst Felony of the Laws of Man?

Pastor Patrick Hines, Blountville, reiterated that this wasn't bigotry, and had nothing to do with hate. "Laws exist because certain behaviors are deemed by the state not only to be wrong, but criminal. It is not bigotry to identify certain behaviors as wrong when one has clearly thought out and good reasons for doing so. It is, however, presumptuous and outrageous to attempt to change the very essence of the definition of marriage and of family, in the name of what are quite simply perverted and immoral sexual desires." (timesnews, 12/14).

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