Emperor HUSSEIN Obama gives handjobs to third world terrorists.

In 2013, American Kenneth Bae was imprisoned by the North Korean government. His only crime? Mr. Bae is a Christian. In North Korea, a private individual having any personal religious beliefs is entirely prohibited by law. In response to Mr. Bae's so-called "unlawful" actions against the Peoples' Republic of North Korea, President HUSSEIN Obama, the Great Apologizer, went to North Korea and personally apologized to Dear Leader Kim John Ung on behalf of the American people. In effect, YOU apologized to the Peoples' Republic of North Korea; the same Liberal socialist asshats who killed 50,000 American soldiers, and guess what: THEY never apologized.

Mr. Bae, an American citizen held captive in a hostile Liberal country, did absolutely nothing wrong. So why is this disgraceful POS traitor flying around the world on Air Force One, giving handjobs to dictators at the cost of America's dignity? If Bush were still in office, these third world dictators would all be covered in fleas and feces, hiding in a ditch like Gaddafi or Saddam. But then again Bush was a REAL LEADER who believed in the Greatness of our country over all others, Bush NEVER apologized for ANYTHING (because Bush wasn't a coward like President Lawn Jockey), Bush defined foreign policy as bringing justice (not handjobs) to tyrants, Bush projected a message of strength that made the USA the most respected and feared country in the world. Don't fuck with us, DUMMY.

In fact Fuhrer Barry Soetoro's cowardice and incompetence stands in stark contrast to our greatest leaders, like a former-POW by the name of John McCain. Perhaps you've heard of this patriot? POWs like Lieutenant McCain were captured and tortured by the Koreans, McCain himself had both his arms broken (why McCain still has problems moving his arms many years later) because he refused to sign "the documents" admitting treason against Korea. You can see this scenario depicted in many Chuck Norris movies, which were based on true events. Guess what: President Buckwheat signed "the documents" and pushed them back across the table to Kim John Ung because Nobel Peace Prize winners like Obummer, Clinton and Carter have a legacy of negotiating with terrorists and selling out America. -KCP

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