America is WRONG and God is WATCHING YOU.

The Holy Bible specifically states that homosexuality is an abomination; that homosexuals should all be EXECUTED; and that this is a just and necessary consequence due any person who willfully violates God's law.

Note that thus far, and in all fairness, I have not argued whether the "literal" interpretation of the Biblical view regarding homosexuals is right or wrong; nor argued that you should voluntarily (or be forced to) accept this scripture for yourself; nor argued that government should base policy on scripture. The only point that I have made as yet, a point which I have attempted to fairly and objectively present, a point which itself is an inarguable fact, is that the mandate given above is exactly what the Holy Bible teaches us regarding homosexuals. Homosexuality is wrong; homosexuals should all be executed; this is a just and necessary consequence, as these people know what they are doing is against God's law, and they have only themselves to blame for intentionally going against God. This is not anyones' personal opinion; this is EXACTLY what the Bible SPECIFICALLY states, the Bible being the OFFICIAL word of God, and thus the truest form of TRUTH.

The reason I carefully emphasize the distinction between "what any ordinary person thinks about it" and "what the Bible specifically states about it" is important. Millions upon millions of Christians personally accept that HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG, and their belief is not grounded in hate or bigotry, as Liberals like President Lawn Jockey would have you think. The Christian belief that "homosexuality is wrong" stems directly from the scripture that is referenced above. And, of course, the belief that "homosexuality is wrong" is being rather generous and diplomatic indeed, as the rest of the scripture clearly states that HOMOSEXUALS SHOULD ALL BE EXECUTED; this is a just and necessary consequence according to God (this consequence, obviously, being supplementary to whatever other wrath God will suffer on these child/animal molesting perverts for all eternity).

The millions of devout Christians around the world also teach their millions of children the Biblical view of homosexuality; though, at the same time, public school teachers, television, and idiot Liberals (and their Subhuman Mongrel leader) are constantly undermining Biblical doctrine by insisting to your children that "being different" is a good thing which should be "celebrated", and that white Christians are all bigots for not being "tolerant". And so obviously today's world is a very confusing time for children: Why are my parents bigots and racists? Why are Christians so deadset against people who have done them no harm; aren't Christians loving people? And what about those two men kissing and groping each other in public? EWWWWW!!!!!

Children should be taught the full story in all its grotesque bluntness because children deserve to know the truth. And we need to be repeating this truth as often as possible to remove all doubt, and to settle this argument forever. There is NO hatred whatsoever in the hearts of Christians who are simply following God's will: homosexuality is an abominination to the eyes of God; homosexuals should all be executed; this is a just and necessary consequence. But perhaps, as a good Christian, you prefer not to talk so openly with others, especially kids, about something you might consider either awkward at best, or dreadful at worst. Well guess what. If you don't talk to your children about the homos, some idiot Liberal will, and what will this idiot Liberal tell your kids? That this repulsive lifestyle is normal? "Here little boy, I have a present for you in my pants." Homosexuals are an abomination; they should all be executed; this is a just and necessary consequence. And what if your children were to tell you that they are gay? What would you do? I know what I would do because I am a Christian and not afraid to say it, like you probably are.

It is a repeating theme in the Bible that those who stand by and do nothing, that those who openly condone evil deeds (not exclusively homosexuality, but other crimes against God, as well) are JUST AS GUILTY in the eyes of God as the ones who actually committed the deeds in the first place. Which is one of the reasons why many believe that the United States as a whole has been DAMNED for our country's condoning of the criminally deviant behaviors of a few sick, twisted individuals: the homoSICKuals. Just last month, perverts all over America celebrated the Supreme Court's decision to go against the Constitution and against God by redefining something which the laws of men have no authority to redefine in the first place: the sacred institution of marriage, defined in the Bible as being between ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN.

And so today, those few of us with morals and values choose to celebrate something else; we celebrate true heroes, true American patriots, true Christian martyrs who aren't afraid to go against popular opinion and stand up for the Bible, for the Constitution, and for what they believe is right, without apology. Jeff Amyx is the owner of "Amyx Hardware and Roofing Supplies" in Washburn, TN, a business that he started from the ground up BY HIMSELF WITHOUT HELP FROM THE GOVERNMENT. Because unlike today's Obummer generation, members of the boomer generation like Mr. Amyx know precisely what makes America great: hard work, the Constitution, and Christian values. ONE NATION, UNDER GOD. According to the Kingsport newspaper, Mr. Amyx, who also serves as a Baptist pastor in his spare time, put up a "POLITICALLY INCORRECT" sign in front of his business declaring "NO GAYS ALLOWED" to demonstrate LOUD AND CLEAR his faith, and his unwillingness to compromise. Pastor Jeff Amyx is a TRUE CHRISTIAN PATRIOT.

A long time ago, there was another brave man who worked with hammers and nails, who took a stand for what he believed in and went against public opinion to his own detriment. His name was Jesus Christ. But while some might look with favor on American patriots like Jesus Christ or Jeff Amyx of Washburn, TN, there are others who want to destroy these Christians and criminalize the Bible itself. The enemies of America, the Liberals, want to prevent pastors from teaching the truth about the Gospel, prevent you from teaching YOUR OWN CHILDREN the difference between right and wrong, and turn all your children into transgenders and homos.

But there is hope in Tennessee. Just last month the state legislature considered a new law which will enforce the Holy Bible as the Official State Book of Tennessee. And this month, the legislature will consider new laws designed to protect religious freedom that are patterned after the popular new Indiana law which prevents small businesses from being persecuted when they refuse service to homoSICKuals on the grounds of religious objection.

Senator Russell Crowe is expected to define a bill in the next few weeks that will protect county clerks and other state employees who refuse to issue same-sicks "marriage" licenses because doing so would violate their personal values. "I would be very disappointed and angry if the state were to take the position of letting people go that feel they can't perform because of their religious beliefs," said Senator Crowe. Tennessee is one of several southern states which refuses to recognize the validity of same-sicks "marriages" performed in other states, and several counties have banned their employees from issuing same-sicks "marriage" licenses in spite of the Supreme Court's decision "legalizing" same-sicks "marriage".

State Representative Michael Van Huss garnered national attention when he recently introduced legislation declaring that God (NOT government) is the only entity with any legal authority over Tennessee residents. "As a nation, we are drifting from the morals of our founding, and I think it's important to reaffirm that our liberties do not come from... Barack Obama. They come from God," said Van Huss.

In his dissent to the Supreme Court's majority decision to "legalize" same-sicks "marriage", Chief Justice John Roberts pointed out that this decision circumvents the Constitution because the issue should have been put to a democratic vote in the states individually, rather than being adjudicated through, as what Justice Scalia has appropriately termed, "Jiggery Pokery". In fact, the only time same-sicks "marriage" has been "legalized" in any state is when a liberal activist judge, a liberal activist governor, or a liberal activist state legislature has intervened on this issue to circumvent what the public wants. The fact of the matter is that every time you put minority "rights" to a majority vote, the minority always loses and we always win. Yay for us! Which is why every time homoSICKual issues came up at the ballot box, whether it was same-sicks "marriage" or the adoption of children by homoSICKuals, Americans always overwhelmingly decide against them. Because America is ONE NATION, UNDER GOD.

Unfortunately, many believe that it is too late for the United States of America. And not simply because the deviants have won, but rather because supposedly-good Christians stood by and LET THEM. And as the Bible teaches us, those who stand by and do nothing, those who openly condone evil deeds, are JUST AS GUILTY in the eyes of God, and in many ways such apathy is even worse than the crime. God is watching you, and has been for a long time. Dummy. -KCP

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