Why are Christians reaching out to homoSICKuals after a terror attack in Orlando,
when just one week earlier these same Christians were united against the homoSICKuals?

Some regard President Barack Obama as the most articulate American president of all time. And yet despite his superior intellect and his predelection for using big words to make himself sound smart, there appears to be a very simple phrase which the Constitutional Law Professor evidently never learned to incorporate into his daily vocabulary. And surprisingly, its a phrase that we all hear and use millions of times everday: simply turn on Fox and you will hear the phrase "Radical Islamic Terrorist" being said over and over again. But isn't it weird that we've never, ever heard President Lawn Jockey (who spent MANY YEARS getting a FREE EDUCATION at HARVARD courtesy of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION) say the phrase even once? (Especially considering the fact that HE IS ONE!)

We all know the truth about Islam, the so-called "Religion of Peace". Some say His Majesty's refusal to call Muslimes out for their shit is because Liberals believe that political correctness is more important than the truth. Some say the Annointed One refuses to badmouth Muslimes because he himself is a secret Muslime, therefore he hates America and sympathizes with terrorists who attack us. Or perhaps Emperor Buckwheat is following the views espoused by people like General David Patreus.

Patreus, the former director of Central Intelligence and President Bush's top commander in Iraq and Afghanistan, argued in a column last month that public officials should refrain from unncessarily vilifing muslimes. If the United States openly makes it public policy that our country is against Islam, our country's perceived hatred of their culture (and other foreigners, in general) will alienate our allies; the people of other countries will hate us even more than they do already; and anti-American groups like ISIS will be even more effective in recruiting young people into their organizations.

Pastor Terry Jones is famous for sponsoring "International Koran Burning Day" at his church in Florida. Another Christian known as Sam Bacile produced an infamous youtube video portraying Mohammed as a mass murderer and homoSICKual pervert. Suppose, for example, that people like Jones and Bacile are really just unknown fringe lunatics; that they don't reflect what the average American is actually like; but that Anti-American groups like ISIS stumbled onto their obscure political websites and co-opted their Internet videos as propaganda tools to get the people of other nations riled up against everyone in America. Some have argued that Christian "hate speech" against Muslims is exactly why Muslims throughout the Middle East and Africa were particuarly inflamed against America back in 2012 when violence against our troops and our citizens abroad was at an all-time high; and that this culminated in attacks on our embassies, including the one in Benghazi.

TURKEY. "We Condemn Terry Jones And America"

PAKISTAN. "Rasist Americans or Victim Muslims?"

BANGLADESH. "Our Constitution"

INDONESIA. "You burned in Hell"

SYRIA. "Bigning of Destruction Amarica"
(These guys are lawyers. LOL!!)

Of course, we will NEVER know the truth, since HILLARY DELETED ALL THE E-MAILS. But if Hillary hadn't spent all weekend pounding the delete key on her SECRET E-MAIL SERVER, I suspect we would see 20,000 WORTH OF E-MAILS BLAMING CHRISTIANS for posting offensive youtube videos; we would see that THE ACTIONS OF CHRISTIAN BIGOTS was the reason Muslims were provoked in the first place.

Revisionist history and alternative reality are par for the course for Liberals. If you watch the Hollywood blockbuster "Flight 93", for instance, you'd see that 9/11 didn't have anything at all to do with "Radical Islamic Terrorists". In fact, "Flight 93" was a happy story about the courage and triumph of a gay man on an airplane who saved the day. OMG how inspiring. Well, guess what dummy! We are now seeing WHAT REALLY HAPPENS when a RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST attacks a bunch of UNARMED PEOPLE IN A GUN FREE ZONE and the only one there to save the day is a GAY PERVERT WITH AN IPHONE.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA. When a RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST and REGISTERED DEMOCRAT walked into Orlando's well-known Pulse Nightclub and began massacring people Friday night, club-goer Eddie Jamoldroy Justice did what anyone would do when placed in the same situation. He ran and hid in the Ladies room. Text messages he sent to someone identified as "Mommy" revealed a harrowing scene.

Mommy I love you; In club they shooting; Trapp in bathroom; Im gonna die; Hes coming;

Back in the 1980's, a new, highly fatal disease was spreading like wildfire all throughout the United States, most especially in California. And everyone was highly afraid because nobody knew what was going on. All of a sudden we started noticing a pattern to the outbreak: the only people getting infected were men with high pitched, effeminate voices who dressed in sailors costumes and women's clothing, went potty in the wrong bathroom, hung out at sex clubs like the one in Orlando, and cried "Mommy!" whenever they got scared.

Yes, the AIDs was being spread by homoSICKuals. Historically, this lifestyle has always been a magnet for depravity, for thousands of years. Of course nowadays it's entirely POLITICALLY INCORRECT to talk about THE TRUTH because then THE TRUTH might hurt somebody's fragile feelings. And that truth? That a bunch of homoSICKuals were hanging out at Pulse SEX club, and guess what they were doing????? YUCK. It's pretty obvious that this is exactly why a RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST went in and attacked them, because the "religion of peace" tolerates homoSICKuals about as much as they tolerate Christians. I mean seriously, is anyone surprised that homoSICKuals were going to be actively targetted, especially by RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS?

The "LGBT" crowd has definitely been begging for this for a long time now; these homoSICKual child/pet molesters have done everything in their power to provoke hatred and anger all across America by arrogantly, defiantly pushing their sick, twisted agenda on innocent people who have said time and time again that they do not want to participate in PERVERSION. Of course, Christians ALWAYS stand by and do nothing, Christians ALWAYS let the homoSICKuals and Liberals prance around and take over an entire country because Christians are all COWARDS and are afraid to speak out for fear of being labelled a RACIST by some knuckledragging chimp like "Reverend" Sharpton. But do you seriously think Muslimes are going to stand by and do nothing while homoSICKuals take over the whole world? History has shown us time and time again that "TOLERANCE" and "DIVERSITY" are not strong suits of the Muslime community.

And what's particularly funny about this Orlando incident is that these BUTCHERING MUSLIMES run in and attack a bunch of homoSICKual PERVERTS at a GAY SEX CLUB, and the very next day these same homoSICKuals are getting together, arm-in-arm with members of the Muslime community, showing their "solidarity". Are you kidding me? SOLIDARITY??? This is exactly how warped is the mentality of Liberalism, that Muslimes could come in and actively target the gay community and the gay community still wants to be BFF's with them! But do you think the gays want to show their solidarity for Christians (i.e., NORMAL PEOPLE)? GUESS AGAIN DUMMY.

As part of her job as Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi went on all the major news networks the day after the Orlando terrorist attack to announce that the state had set up a website which would allow concerned family members to find out about loved-ones who may have been injured. But when Attorney General Bondi appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper to talk more about the state's emergency response, Anderson Cooper had a different plan entirely: RIDICULING HER FOR HER CHRISTIAN BELIEFS.

"Do you really think you are a champion of the gay community?" Cooper asked Bondi. He then called her a "hypocrite" and told his viewers what a tyrant Bondi was for filing court documents back in 2014 to stop same-SICKs marriage in Florida; she had said that redefining marriage would "impose significant harm" on Americans. Bondi, who was invited on the show specifically to discuss how the state was handling crisis response rather than to argue Liberal politics, had to spend all her time addressing PERSONAL ATTACKS from a LIBERAL SHIT TALKER. She replied that was simply defending "what over 69% of the voters put in the [state] constitution... It had nothing to do... I've never said I don't like gay people. That's ridiculous."

"I have never really seen you talk about gays and lesbians and transgender people in a positive way until now," argued Cooper. "I read your Twitter history for the last year and I saw you tweeting about National Dog Month and National Shelter Dog Appreciation Day or Adopt a Shelter Dog Month... But you were arguing (in court) that gay marriage--if there was gay marriage, if there was same-sex marriage--that would do harm to the people of Florida, to Florida society. Are you saying you do not believe it would do harm to Florida?"

Ok, so here's the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF FLORIDA, just trying to put aside all of our differences like a mature, responsible adult, so that she can serve the people of the state in her capacity as a public servant, and what does Anderson Cooper do? Suckerpunch her right on LIVE TELEVISION. Nice job ASSHOLE, mission accomplished.

In many ways, the Orlando sex club attack has been the best thing that ever happened to the LGBT community. These people have finally succeeded in achieving what they always wanted: ATTENTION. Free international media coverage to shove their sick lifestyle in your familys' faces, in YOUR CHILDRENS' FACES. And all just because something bad happened to a few gay people that most of us NEVER MET and DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT.

So now the gays have captured the symapthy of THE WHOLE WORLD, people everywhere are sending in MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in donations, social media is alive with millions of tweets and youtube videos from young people who think they know everything and want to REDEFINE the very morals this country was founded on, because being happy and doing whatever you feel like is what life is all about. And yesterday, Commie Darkie Muslim signed his fifty-thousandth EXECUTIVE ORDER, declaring that the historic Stonewall Inn, America's first and most notorious gay sex bar, be awarded status of US NATIONAL MONUMENT; such an honor now entitles this GAY SEX BAR permanent Federal funding via the US Parks Service (in other words, YOU THE TAXPAYER ARE NOW PAYING TO OPERATE A GAY SEX BAR).

And probably the worst of all? Today I pick up the Kingsport paper and I see where a group of knuckleheads out at the Presbetyrian church here in town are holding a vigil for these DAMNED PERVERTS. And I say "DAMNED" literally, because guess what, dummy: It is a BIBILICAL FACT that there are NO GAYS IN HEAVEN.

Those who embrace the homoSICKual lifestyle are going against God, PERIOD. You can't argue with FACT so DON'T EVEN TRY. The Bible also teaches us that those who openly condone an ABOMINATION are JUST AS GUILTY in the eyes of God. Whatever your feelings about the "victims" in Orlando, keep in mind that as Christians, you can't reach out in support of these people without compromising your own duty to God, because the fact of the matter is these perverts DEFIANTLY REBUKED GOD just by going to a GAY SEX CLUB in the first place.

"Although they know God's righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them." Romans 1:32.

And why are Christians wasting their time praying for these people when it is blatantly obvious that the LGBT Community doesn't want your help to begin with? These perverts in Orlando got in front of the TV cameras and demonstrated that they would rather stand in "solidarity" alongside the same Muslimes that would put them in cages and set them on fire than to be associated with RIGHT-WING CHRISTIAN BIGOTS. In fact, some people blame Christian "hate speech" (specifically, the Bible) as the reason why so much hatred has been piled on the gays, similar to the way some people (i.e., David Patreus, Hillary) are blaming Christian "bigotry" for causing BENGHAZI!

The bigger question, though, is why are any Christians reaching out to the homoSICKuals at all, when just one week earlier these same Christians were united in force against the homoSICKuals? Why do Christians suddenly "care"? Is it because you are like Ned Flanders, going through the motions of being a SUPER NICE GUY just because you are a Christian and therefore obligated to be nice to people you don't even like? If that is the case, allow me to remind everyone where Americans stood on the subject of "gay" just one week before Orlando happened.

  • Scandal erupted on the campus of the University of Tennessee after the school began a renewed campaign of homoSICKual indoctrination: the school forced the issue of gender-neutral language and transgender bathrooms. The President of the university also said in a school publication that UT would stop celebrating CHRISTmas altogether, and celebrate "Happy Holiday" instead so that the celebration would be more inclusive of Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Atheists, Vulcans and, of course, homoSICKuals and MUSLIMES (in other words, let's ruin the CHRISTmas holiday for Christians by reaching out to include people who, historically, have NEVER celebrated ANYTHING on December 25th).

    As you might have guessed, TENNESSEE RESIDENTS WERE NOT PLEASED. Representative Michael Van Huss, R-Jonesborough, fired back with House Bill 2248. This bill successfully dismantled UT's Office for "Diversity and Inclusion" by stripping operations of all state funding and redirecting that money to pay for bumper stickers bearing the national motto "IN GOD WE TRUST", ordered to be displayed on all law enforcement vehicles.

    "The University of Tennessee and specifically the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, in my mind and my research, has a history of repeat offenses," said Congressman Van Huss. "Personally I don't trust the University of Tennessee to fix the problem on their own."

    Van Huss also promised that the strangle-hold on state funds will continue to be levied against UT each and every year until the university finally gets with the program. The Van Huss bill prohibits UT from using state funds to promote "gender-neutral language" or transgender bathrooms; to promote "Sex Week" (i.e., sex education, AIDs, contraceptives, etc.); to promote a religious holiday (i.e., sharia law); or to demote a religious holiday (i.e., CHRISTmas).
  • When the historically Liberal nutjob town of Asheville, NC passed a city ordinance allowing SHEMALES to use the public restroom of whichever gender they prefer, the North Carolina legislature wasted no time enacting legislation to protect NORMAL PEOPLE from these MENTALLY ILL PERVERTS. Men putting on skirts and heels and then going potty in the stall right next to your daughter was something that residents of NC would NOT tolerate. Which is why NC became one of now 11 states and counting (including Tennessee) that are suing Commie Darkie Muslim for millions of dollars in an effort to stop these child molesting homoSICKuals from using the bathroom, once and for all. And Congressman Buddy Hulsey, R-Kingsport, is spearheading the campaign to make sure that the NORTH CAROLINA SHEMALE BATHROOM BAN is adopted as law here in Tennessee, too.

    "When you were born, you got a birth certificate," explained Pastor Hulsey. "And that's what's on it, and that shows which bathroom you use. Pretty simple."

    Congressman Hulsey's words rang all the more true back in May, when a nation-wide Amber Alert was issued after a local 9-year-old girl was abducted by a child molester, later identified as Gary Simpson. Roger Carpenter, the Baptist preacher who found the girl safe and alive at a campsite in remote Pisgah National Forest, was hailed as a hero in nation-wide reports. The fact that things turned out well in this particular case is a testament to the power of prayer; though this case shows the VERY REAL NECESSITY of precautionary laws that will protect our children from perverts, especially those who lurk in THE LADIES ROOM.

    (Above video is found in the public domain and linked from youtube website;
    KCP does not claim ownership of this video or affiliation with the persons involved).

    Imagine that the woman in the video above were your own daughter, and some man wanted to play dress up and share a bathroom with her. Well guess what. TRICK QUESTION DUMMY, the woman in the video IS THE MAN PLAYING DRESS UP. This man had plastic surgery to present as female so he could trick men like YOU with feminine deception, and likewise go potty with your REAL daughters and your REAL wives. Remember, just because he might be "pretty" or innocent looking, that doesn't mean he isn't a PUPPY MOLESTING PERVERT.

  • The people of Michigan OVERWHELMINGLY approved a STATE-WIDE BAN on same-SICKs marriage back in 2004, settling the question once and for all. Unfortunately for America, "once and for all" evidently isn't good enough for the Liberals who just wouldn't shut up and go home; ten years later when Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette proudly stood up in court and defended traditional marriage, defended our Constitution, defended OUR CHRISTIAN MORALS, when he stood up in court and UTTERLY LOST THE CASE in favor of PERVERTS putting on WEDDING DRESSES and PRETENDING to be "MARRIED", the taxpayers of Michigan got slapped right in the face with a 2 million dollar judgment. 2 MILLION DOLLARS. And that was just ONE of MANY same-SICKs marriage judgments that the taxpayers of Michigan, and many other states, were going to be slammed with.

    Kim Davis is the clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky who made headlines for adamantly refusing to provide "marriage" licenses to same-SICKs couples. Good for her; but who knows how many BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in judgments the taxpayers of Kentucky will be saddled with just because the homoSICKuals wanted to force perversion on the people of Kentucky who DIDN'T WANT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. People were traveling all the way from California so that they could go to Kim Davis's office in Kentucky, request a "marriage" license knowing that they would be turned down, and then they all ran straight to a lawyer.

    Last year commissioners here in Sullivan County realized that we need to protect our own county employees from similar exploitation. The commission unanimously passed, with unprecedented support from the public, an ordinance blocking the Supreme Court ruling "legalizing" same-SICKs marriage. This ordinance also asked the state legislature to indemnify any county employee who feels compelled to deny service to homoSICKuals on the basis of that employee's religious beliefs, and asked that the legislature set aside money for a legal defense fund to take care of any county employee that gets hit with a FRIVILOUS multi-million dollar lawsuit.
  • Tennessee has become the first state to offer protections for healthcare providers by allowing mental health professionals to deny services to anyone on the grounds of "sincerely held principles". Governor Haslam defended the bill as not being discriminatory towards any particular group, such as gays or blacks. "Rather, it allows counselors, just as we allow other professionals like doctors and lawyers, to refer a client to another counselor when the goals or behaviors would violate a sincerely held principle," said Haslam.

    Jeff Amyx is no stranger to standing up for "sincerely held principles". Mr. Amyx is the owner of Amyx Hardware and Roofing Supplies in Washburn, TN, and also serves as a Baptist preacher in his spare time. He first made national headlines when he put up a "No Gays Allowed" sign in the front window of his hardware store. Well GET READY because Preacher Amyx is BACK IN THE NEWS AGAIN! Amyx Hardware now carries a complete line of t-shirts, hats and bumper stickers with the famous "No Gays Allowed" slogan, and another slogan reading "Choose God or Gays". The store completely sold out of merchandise in the first week, and Mr. Amyx is already ordering more supplies and considering expanding his line of apparel to keep up with sky-rocketting consumer demand.

    "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," said Preacher Amyx. "I just don't agree with their lifestyle. I don't want any part of it, I don't want it around me and I'll never agree with it... I don't hate people. It's not the people I hate, it's the sin that I hate."

    When asked about whether he was afraid negative publicity would affect his hardware business, Preacher Amyx was not worried at all. In fact, a large markerboard at the front of the hardware store attests to his increasing popularity, as thousands of supporters from all over the country have visited the store and have added their signatures to the board in proud support.

Preacher Amyx proudly displays
the shirt that everybody in
Heaven is wearing right now.

I could continue on and on with example after example. And so I suppose it ISN'T such a big surprise that these perverts would not want to associate with people who pride themselves on being NORMAL and having VALUES (i.e., CHRISTIANS). In fact, the real surprise is that some Christians, who just last week might have been adamant in their "sincerely held principles", would turn their backs on God and support these perverts just because something bad might have happened to some of them in an Orlando gay bar, when it's a fact that the homoSICKual lifestyle has been a MAGNET FOR TROUBLE for THOUSANDS OF YEARS (there's a VERY GOOD REASON why the Bible specifically says "their blood is on their own hands" when referring to the gays).

The fact of the matter is that the real tragedy ISN'T what happened in Orlando, the real tragedy is the Christian turncoats who have once again decided to sell out God. Pope Juan Valdez said in response to Orlando that Christians owe the gays an apology. Are you joking? Do you think the MUSLIMES owe the gays an apology for putting them in cages and setting them on fire? This Catholic MONARCH and other fake Christians like him are openly embracing what God specifically says is an ABOMINATION; do you think these false Christians actually know God when their actions say otherwise? VERY DOUBTFUL, INDEED. But one thing is for sure: GOD IS WATCHING YOU. -KCP

"Like a muddied spring or a polluted well are the righteous who give way to the wicked." Proverbs 25:26.

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