"Christians predict END OF AMERICA".

Hundreds meet at churches to discuss "Hope and Change", the total demise of USA.

Harsh words may rub some people the wrong way but sometimes it is called for, especially when freedom is under assault. In fact, it was just a few weeks ago that several hundred concerned middle class American families met out at Avoca Bible Church in Bristol, followed subsequently by yet another standing-room-only event out at the Fountain of Life in Johnson City (timesnews.net 10/31, 11/19).

Unfortunately, these packed-house events to which I refer were not a Mercy Me concert, Duck Dynasty personal appearance, or Vacation Bible School, but instead highly charged, emotional meetings of hard-working patriots, devout Christians with family values, English-speaking American-born citizens (with LEGAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES) who are totally scared out of their minds about their childrens' future. Or lack thereof. In other words, Americans everywhere are becoming more and more cognizant (and downright terrified) of the total demise of the United States of America at the hands of our new self-appointed "Lord and Savior", King Commie Darkie Muslim otherwise known as the incompetent moron currently, and illegally, occupying the White House.

"They can't do this to us, our families," cried one impassioned woman with tears in her eyes. Well you know what friends? I cry too, I cry with this lady and for all God-fearing mothers out there who are just like her: those who stand for what's right, for America, for freedom, for Christ; who have the tenacity to succeed in life thru their own hard work and sacrifice WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT. It takes a lot of guts to get up in front of 500 strangers in a church hall and cry and speak what your heart says. The same kind of guts it took to spread your arms on the cross or make the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq to defend America and Christian values.

It is so sad, a working family can barely afford to put food on table, but at the same time Baby Momma in Detroit gets a check for every hungry mouth she poops out. Under this regime all you have to do is cover yourself in shoe polish, poop out five kids from ten different daddies and then you get a free house. But what of working, middle class families? If you work for a living, YOU DO WITHOUT DUMMY. And if you point out the double standard or protest wealth redistribution as the blatant thievery that it is, then you get called RACIST by some bleeding heart Liberal knucklehead 99 percenter who should have been aborted by their pro-choice Feminist mother.

  • Only last month Elizabethton School Director Ed Alexander made NATIONAL headlines when Fox News Channel reported Carter County teachers under Alexander's watch were actively passing out muslim propaganda to elementary students (timesnews.net 10/28). This "educational material" was specifically chosen by teachers because it depicted the Founding Fathers as racists. The handouts were passed out to the children and then taken from them immediately after class so that the handouts would not be seen by parents outside the classroom. So evidently these TEACHERS don't want you to know what LIES they are teaching YOUR CHILDREN. Excuse me, but are you afraid yet? Click here to read WHAT YOUR LOCAL COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT.
  • In 2013, American Kenneth Bae was imprisoned by the North Korean government. His only crime? Mr. Bae is a Christian. In North Korea, a private individual having any personal religious beliefs is entirely prohibited by law. In response to Mr. Bae's so-called "unlawful" actions against the Peoples' Republic of North Korea, President HUSSEIN Obama, the Great Apologizer, went to North Korea and personally apologized to Dear Leader Kim John Ung on behalf of the American people. In effect, YOU apologized to the Peoples' Republic of North Korea; the same Liberal socialist asshats who killed 50,000 American soldiers, and guess what: THEY never apologized. Click here to read what His Royal Majesty has been secretly TELLING THE REST OF THE WORLD ABOUT AMERICANS.
  • The redefinition and destruction of marriage by a bunch of twisted pervert homoSICKuals, men who want to be women, crossdress in a wedding gown, put on a faux wedding and pretend they are married, when they are not. Marriage is defined in the Bible as being between ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN. Marriage is NOT a couple of perverts playing dressup in women's clothes and molesting children and household pets; in fact, the Bible says specifically that these deviants be brought to the town square and stoned, NOT rewarded with special priveleges, free healthcare and an Obamaphone. HomoSICKuality is an abomination in every country and in every creed, unnatural to the law of man or animals, and is disgusting to look at, period, unless you are a Democrat then crossdressing and sodomy is considered perfectly normal (exactly what the Liberals are teaching YOUR CHILDREN in PUBLIC SCHOOL). Click here to read: YUCK I'M GOING TO BARF!!!!!!!!!

On election day Americans voted AGAINST GOD'S WISHES so that they could get free WIC, welfare, foodstamps, free healthcare, free HUD housing, and a free Obamaphone. Americans thought it would be cool to have an NBA all-star and a rap artist as their Supreme Leader. Young people were entranced by the handsome negro with the charismatic demeanor who learned how to talk educated and was good at reading fancy words from a teleprompter, the kinds of talents you learn when you are admitted into college based entirely on meeting Affirmative Action admission requirements. So America votes based entirely on ignorance, emotion, and class warfare, all-the-while ignoring all evidence beginning with the fact that this professional criminal and amateur leader doesn't even have a valid birth certifate. The greatest hoodwink in the history of the United States and this guy is laughing all the way to YOUR bank to steal YOUR money out of it and give it to the blacks (i.e., the election of Rochester as President, record turnout in the black community).

Actions have consequences, America. Have we, the Greatest Country in the world, completely lost God's providence? Many Christians insist we have indeed, and that America is doomed and nothing can be done about it. Just take a look around at the world today and look at the devesation American families have suffered under this regime. But even so, none of this means that I myself will be losing faith in the Christian values espoused by the Founding Fathers, or that I will lose hope in the Freedom set forth in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, or that I will be putting down my guns or my Bible, nor voluntarily surrendering them to any enemy, foreign or DOMESTIC. And if you yourself are as equally self-respecting, then you and your family need to be likewise vigilant, as vigilant as the bald eagle, staring with baleful eyes and perched proud, high in a tree someplace, waiting.

Right now the Liberals are busy spending your money on minorities who don't work for a living, the Liberals are mocking and persecuting you for your beliefs, but soon the tables will turn and they will be the ones BEGGING for your help. When the tables turn, WE will be the ones laughing at THEM. This is OUR country, not THEIRS. And maybe, all of us working together, soon WE will take our country back and THEY will be on the first banana boat back to Kenya. Pray! Like you never have before! Pray for the sake of our children and our grandchildren! Pray for America! PRAY FOR FREEDOM!

This is what we LEGAL, BIRTH CERTIFICATED, HARD-WORKIN', ENGLISH-SPEAKIN', COUNTRY-MUSIC-LISTENIN', DUCK-DYNASTY-WATCHIN', PICKUP-TRUCK-DRIVIN', GUN-SHOOTIN', JESUS-PREACHIN' AMERICANS talk about at churches like Avoca and Fountain of Life, at the church down the street from your house, and in churches all across America. And if your pastor and your elders aren't discussing these things in sermons and in meetings every Sunday, then you need to put their feet to the fire for their lack of civic responsibility, and make sure that you do so before the next Sunday service rolls around. -KCP

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