President Buckwheat, public schools INDOCTRINATE your
children into socialism, homoSICKuality, sharia law.

Only last month Elizabethton School Director Ed Alexander made NATIONAL headlines when Fox News Channel reported Carter County teachers under Alexander's watch were actively passing out muslim propaganda to elementary students (timesnews.net 10/28). This "educational material" was specifically chosen by teachers because it depicted the Founding Fathers as racists. The handouts were passed out to the children and then taken from them immediately after class so that the handouts would not be seen by parents outside the classroom. So evidently these TEACHERS don't want you to know what LIES they are teaching YOUR CHILDREN. Excuse me, but are you afraid yet? This is exactly what you get in public school today. In fact, the Community Organizer's "Common Core" federal educational madate was first introduced back in 1936, but back then "Common Core" was instead known by a different name: the "Hitler Jungend".

Your kid. "Allah Ackbar can I have a snackbar?"

America's notion of what "public education" should look like has changed dramatically since you were a kid back in the 50's and 60's, because "education" is not even the intended purpose of public school today, instead the goal is the outright homoSICKualization, indoctrination and brainwashing into the Liberal agenda and total dependence on Government. And the more dependent you and your family are on Government, the more likely you are to vote for Democrat candidates. Just like in Germany in 1936.

Today's model "politically correct" teacher:

  • does not have any children of her own because she is a modern "independent women" (e.g., Sandra Fluke, Oprah) who gets the Government to pay for her free birth control so she can roam outside the bounds of an encompassing and inconvienent "marriage"; or worse yet, today's teacher has a child with her unmarried live-in boyfriend; and yet she is the one lecturing you on how to teach/discipline your children; like she would know better than you about your own kids?
  • has no real teaching or life experience, graduated high school 3 years ago, got a degree fresh out of the printer at Community College, and now they think they are certified experts on everything about everything; just like all young people today, teachers are no different, they are all self-entitled, 99 percenter MILLENIALS who hate America and are teaching your kids the exact same warped philosophies;
  • are notoriously LIBERAL: brainwashed, global warming and wind mills, blame CEOs and rich people for all their problems, HATE Christians, LOVE Gun Control, worship Obammy as a GOD;
  • get all their talking points from their Liberal feminist role model on MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry;
  • not only Government employees but Union too, they sit around all day doing nothing but collecting a paycheck and cush Union benefits at taxpayer expense, just like the Post Office or GOVERNMENT MOTORS;
  • pass out the answers to standardized tests so that the students can memorize the answers and ace the tests; learn what we want you to think like good little programmed Liberal robots.

So much for the notion of trying to instill "critical thinking" skills in our young people, you must be joking! This is public education in America, ladies and gentlemen. From the Federal Department of Education, to your county board members, superintendent, teachers, principals, cafeteria workers, the guy who mows the lawn: EACH is a loyal Government employee (loyal to the interests of Government, not WE THE PEOPLE). Government employees are always low-self-esteem do-nothings who couldn't compete in the workforce, couldn't hack it running their own business, so Government awards them a position on the public payroll, then they brown-nose their way up the city/county Government ladder into a cush job where they can LEGISLATE BY EXECUTIVE ORDER. "Common Core" is the net result; the scumbags who run public schools in this country are all emmisaries of the Kenyan and his America-hating regime! In fact public school is nothing but a center for indoctrination into Leftist dogma on the pathway to Satan, nothing but a living, breathing clone of ACORN, owned and operated by Liberal, Obummer-supporting cunts who have total and absolute domination (and zero accountability) over your child during his/her most formative years. No wonder young people today are so self-entitled, you stood by and did nothing while SCHOOL turned your child into an obedient little America-hating Liberal robot on welfare that can't read.

"We are the 99 percent!"

Keep in mind that all this indoctrination and political brainwashing is going on right here in Mayberry's sister town of Elizabethton, Tennessee. This ain't Dearborn "allah ackbar" Michigan we are talking about, this is right here in the Bible Belt. A dinky little hick-town where some still run around with no shoes on and go in outhouses. Nobody in the whole world even heard of Elizabethton, a town like this where unsuspecting people mind their own business and locals rarely travel farther than Myrtle Beach or Dollywood. Exactly the kind of town the Liberals and muslims are going after in their grassroots campaign to "Fundamentally Transform" the country. Destroy Freedom, Christianity, and the Constitution; destroy the traditional nuclear family; destroy America.

Whether in Carter County or in Washington DC, these seditious traitors are operating right out in the open because they aren't afraid of you, they are indoctrinating elementary school children into sharia law, passing out "educational materials" that portray the founding fathers as racist because they want your kids to hate America, teaching your children about the sodomites, and who knows what else! -KCP

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