Is achieving "equality" for OTHERS really worth the expense of YOUR "liberty"?

The Declaration of Independence was the first document in recorded history to make the bold assertion that "all men are created equal". Of course, those of us who possess the life experience and wisdom which ONLY OLD AGE CAN ADEQUATELY ENDOW are able to look back through our lives and easily see that, unfortunately, not all men CHOOSE to be equal. In fact, some men CHOOSE to be better than others; some men CHOOSE to make the necessary sacrifices for their family; some men CHOOSE to go to work everyday even though they didn't feel like it; some men CHOOSE to work hard for what they have and they pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Dummy.

Obviously if you are like most Americans today and are fat, lazy and have the intelligence and self-discipline of a 3rd grader, then these words of COMMON SENSE will probably be lost on you. But for those very few (and getting fewer everyday) Americans who still believe in personal responsibility and self-reliance, then YOU KNOW FOR A FACT that success doesn't just happen because of luck, because you are a brown-noser and know the right people, because you inherited money or a family business from your spouse/parents, or because YOU RELIED ON GOVERNMENT TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. To the few Americans who still believe in working for a living, to those who started FROM NOTHING, WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM ANYONE, and achieved great personal success through their own hard work WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT, it is because they CHOOSE TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS.

Oddly enough, the DEMOCRAT PARTY, the very people who hail themselves as the quintessential party of "choice", want you to have but only one choice: KILL YOUR BABY!! And outside of that, the party of "choice" believes that EVERYTHING ELSE in your life is totally outside your sphere of control. You are poor because rich people have too much money (not because YOU CHOOSE TO BE POOR, LOSER). You didn't get the job because you are black/female/queer and were discriminated against (not because YOU SMELL, ARE STUPID, AND ARE A CONVICTED CRIMINAL). You are fat because obesity is a sad, unfortunate disease (not because YOU EAT TOO MUCH, GENIUS).

This LOSER MENTALITY is exactly why die-hard apostles of the Democrat party rely so heavily on strategies of class warfare, self-entitlement, and so-called social "equality", which is, and has always been, codeword for SOCIALISM. And if you simply read the Constitution for yourself, you will see clearly that "equality" was NEVER intended as a goal for American citizenry; in fact, the relationship between what a bleeding-heart Liberal envisions as "equality" and what the Founding Fathers envisioned as "liberty" is best exemplified by Murphy's law:

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

In every case that this over-reaching Federal Government has interjected itself in the name of promoting and protecting "equality" for one priveleged class (i.e., blacks/illegals/criminals, homoSICKuals, feminists, etc.), it has always come at a direct and significantly detrimental cost to the personal "liberty" of EVERYONE ELSE (i.e., Murphy's "equal and opposite reaction"). Significant historical examples include:

  • ACTION: The "election" of Abraham Lincoln to the throne. Lincoln, a corrupt, "dark horse" candidate from Illinois with NO EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER, who assumed office rather than being elected, ran on a progressive, Liberal platform of sunshine and rainbows, vowing to emancipate the subjugated black man from the evil Southern plantation owner and give all the blacks welfare and foodstamps so they will never have to work again and they will vote for Democrat candidates (sound familiar????).

    THE EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION: Southerners were ravaged by the War of Northern Agression. Millions of poor southern farmers lost everything they owned because their life savings was tied up in the Southern agricultural industry, which promptly went BANKRUPT following "emancipation" (they deserved this because southerners are all RACIST). Blacks suffered too, they did not live happily ever after as LINCOLN PROMISED. Antebellum negro families lived together on the plantation; postbellum negro families became synonymous with BROKEN HOMES and baby daddy in prison for dealing crack. In fact, history has shown us time and time again that, in many ways, black families were better off before Lincoln's progressively-minded "emancipation" than afterward.
  • ACTION: Integration and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. As we all know, the 1950's and 60's is famously remembered as the definitive era of peace and prosperity in the United States. This was the period in which notions of hard work and earning-your-keep gave rise to the "middle class" standard of living; the period when people weren't afraid to leave their front doors unlocked. Unfortunately, not everyone felt the same way about hard work; not everyone was as respectful of their neighbors; not everyone was happy about the way things were in the "Good Ole Days". Stewing just beneath the surface was civil unrest and hostility that eventually came to be romancitized in Liberal Hollywood movies (i.e., Selma) as the so-called "Civil Rights" movement. The truth of the matter is that political ACTIVISTS like "Reverend" Martin Luther King secretly worked in collusion with Jimmy Hoffa and the Labor Unions, and with Malcolm X and the black supremacist hate-group, the "Nation of Islam". This notorious triumverate bullied the Kennedy (and later, Johnson) administration into promoting Congressional legislation which undermined the Constitution by officially giving black people the legal "right" to say and do whatever they please, and if a PRIVATELY-OWNED bus company, a PRIVATELY-OWNED lunchroom counter, or any other PRIVATELY-OWNED business stands up to this "protected class", you will be sued for discrimination, millions upon million of dollars, you ignorant RACIST and BIGOT.

    THE EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION: Right up until Kennedy/Johnson, the South was entirely dominated by Democrats and Labor Unions, because in those days "Democrat" and "Union" were terms synonymous with hard work, Christian values, and American Patriotism. Of course, when the Democrat-led Federal Government of the 60's allowed themselves to be bent over a rail by a bunch of THUGS from Chicago and Detroit in the name of "Civil Rights"; when the Democrat party openly embraced foodstamps, welfare, Affirmative Action, Obamaphones, and TOTAL GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCY rather than WORKING FOR A LIVING; when the Democrats thought it would be more profitable to cater to minorities, illegals and other criminals; bra-burning, baby-killing dykes; and child/animal-molesting sodomites; while, at the same time, throwing innocent white Christians under the bus.... guess what. Hard-working Christian families here in the South got the message LOUD AND CLEAR: the DEMOCRAT PARTY is completely out-of-touch with what the Founding Fathers intended, and with what the Bible says about how you should live your life.

This is what Christian Conservatives stand for.

It might seem hard to believe in this day and age, especially given the obviously rapant unpopularity of the Democrat party and the incessant hostility that Democrats have shown towards white Christians who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership, but it really was only a few years ago that every single self-respecting Christian in the south was both a loyal Democrat AND an outspoken supporter of Unions, too. If it weren't for the EPIC BETRAYAL that the Democrat party has shown time and time again for the Constitution, for Christians, and for America, all in the name of promoting so-called "equality" (i.e., SOCIALISM), then the entire notion that we know of today as "Christian Conservative" would not even exist, you and I would not be here right now, and neither would we have true American Christian patriots like Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Phil Robertson, Jan Brewer, the list goes on; all strong Christian Conservative leaders, all role models for what being a patriotic American and a proper Christian is all about.

The "equal and opposite reaction" to tyranny has always mobilized Americans in standing up for what's right. In the 1700's, the Colonials didn't want to be told what to do by Government (i.e., the King), which gave rise to the founding of America by the original TEA PARTY PATRIOTS. During the so-called "Civil Rights" era the Federal Government pushed a whole bunch of bullshit on us that nobody (black or white) wanted, and this gave rise to "Christian Conservativism" supplanting the Democrat party and the Labor Unions in the south. STATE SOVEREIGNTY DUMMY. And today, the ascendency of the Kenyan to the throne and his subsequent reign of terror has resulted in genuinely galvanizing Americans like never before. In fact, Buckwheat's presidency has been very successful, indeed. At showing you EXACTLY HOW BAD THINGS CAN GET.

UNBRIDLED LIBERALISM has done more to leave a bad taste in America's mouth than any military threat our country has EVER encountered. As a result, if you look at popular opinion of our society today, at no time in our history since the Tea Party Patriots first gathered against the British has the average American been more resolute about standing up for America or for Liberty, been more active in civics, or been more thoroughly informed about the Constitution or the noble Christian values that our country stands for. Americans are so disgusted with the status quo that there will likely never be another Democrat president, and likely there will never be another black president, either (and obviously not because His Royal Highness has given black people a bad reputation, but instead because AMERICANS ARE ALL RACISTS, LOL!).

And you don't have to take my word for it; if you simply talk to the average American today and listen to what they have to say, you will find out very quickly that every single person in America, from your friends and family, to the man who picks up your garbage, to a room full of elementary school children, all think they know more about the Constitution and know more about how to run the country than the Lawn Jockey. Maybe the reason why we are all second-guessing everything the Kenyan does is because we're all just really, really conceited; we're all unfairly prejudiced against people who don't think exactly like we want them to; we're all self-entitled and want what we want, and fuck everybody else. Maybe that's why all of us think we can do a better job than our "duly-elected" leader who has a "doctorate" level degree in "Constitutional law". Sure dude, ALL 350 MILLION OF US, we ALL have an overly-inflated opinion of ourselves, we're ALL acting like whiny juveniles and, of course, we're ALL RACIST, too! In fact, Barrack Obama is a TERRIFIC LEADER, we just can't appreciate how lucky we are to have him as our President because we are all blinded by our own illogical bitterness, LOL. Shit, never even mind the whole birth certificate debacle, why do we need to do a background check on somebody who is clearly SUCH A NICE GUY!

Or maybe the real reason why the garbage man and the three-year-old think they can do a better job than the Community Organizer is because THEY ACTUALLY COULD DO A BETTER JOB since it is OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE that President SUBHUMAN MONGREL is an INCOMPETENT MORON WHO BUNGLES EVERYTHING and has made America the JOKE OF THE WORLD. And the conceited racist AIN'T THE 350 MILLION OF US WHO WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK; instead, the conceited racist is the 1 jackass clown from Kenya who is flying around the world on AIR FORCE ONE apologizing to third world terrorists in IRAN, BENGHAZI and CUBA, all the while making an ENEMY out of our friends in ISRAEL. If George Bush were still in office we would have 50,000 boots on the ground in IRAN RIGHT NOW, we wouldn't be APOLOGIZING TO THEM.

Is this what "equality" really looks like?

If you were to take an honest, objective look back in time at the way things really were in our country's history, you would see quite clearly that Americans were a lot better off BEFORE Government became permanently enmeshed in our personal lives, and that statement is true for both whites and blacks. In the 1960's, during the height of the so-called "Civil Rights" era, it became engrained in the public consciousness that if you are a white Christian who believes in the Constitution and gun ownership, then you must obviously hate black people. Why? BECAUSE GOVERNMENT KNOWS WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. And it didn't really matter if you really were a racist or not, if you are a white Christian who believes in the Constitution and gun ownership then SHUT UP, YOU RACIST.

But of course, do you think that the average black family was any happier about being permanently stereotyped as a "VICTIM"? In fact, the perpetual LOSER MENTALITY of "I'm always a victim" is the central tenet of progressive Liberalism. Which begs the question: how are you supposed to succeed in life, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and make an honest living WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT, especially when Democrats are constantly telling you that YOU CAN'T SUCCEED BECAUSE YOU ARE ALWAYS A VICTIM? Obviously, YOU CAN'T; and Democrats are the very reason why black families have historically been DEPENDENT ON GOVERNMENT and, consequently, a BURDEN TO SOCIETY.

The average black family of the 1960's suffered through "Civil Rights" right alongside white families. Seriously, do you think black families of the 1960's were happy about seeing their children forcibly taken away from their friends and their community, bused all the way across town to an unknown PUBLIC SCHOOL where they would be FORCIBLY INTEGRATED with a bunch of strangers that they had never met before, all for the sake of a promoting a sick, twisted Liberal politcal agenda of "equality"? It is a proven fact that "integration" did more harm than good; negatively impacting the psychological development of both white children and the black children it was supposed to help. BLACKS DIDN'T WANT THIS ANYMORE THAN WHITES.

And how about the ACTIVISTS who INSTIGATED "sit-ins" at lunchcounters during the 60's. What a bright idea that one was; let's have a sit-in at a business that DOESN'T WANT TO SERVE US in order to demonstrate how much we want to be allowed to eat there in spite of the fact that THEY DON'T LIKE US. And it doesn't really matter what the lunchcounter's reason for refusing you service; it might not even have had anything at all to do with your skin color or gender, so why don't you do us a favor and get over yourself already. Maybe you just smell really bad, or maybe they just DON'T LIKE YOU FOR YOU. But HERE WE GO AGAIN, Government knows best and forces that PRIVATELY-OWNED business to cater to you anyway even though THEY DON'T LIKE YOU, THE REASON WHY DON'T MATTER, WHAT MATTERS IS THEY DON'T LIKE YOU DUMMY. Personally, if I knew that a business (e.g., a PRIVATELY-OWNED bus company, a PRIVATELY-OWNED lunchcounter, etc.) didn't want my money, then I wouldn't be in a hurry to give it to them! It's called FREE MARKET. As a consumer, I get to CHOOSE where I spend my money; and likewise, businesses get to CHOOSE who they serve or employ; obviously these are economic concepts which COMMUNISTS like President Buckwheat don't know anything about because they DON'T KNOW HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS, which is why the Communist Party (i.e., Democrats) forced the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on us, and threw Free Market and the Constitution out the window!

If the 50's and 60's were as intolerable as Liberals today would have you believe, then why were the people who actually lived through that time period so contented with their lives back then? If the past was so terrible, then why are so many Americans so insistent in returning America to the way things used to be?

Answer: Because we're all RACIST, of course!

Actually, the truth is that if you watch a re-run of "Andy Griffith" or "Leave It to Beaver", or listen to an old record from those days, you'd realize very quickly that the average American, whether black or white, was overwhelmingly satisfied with the way things were back in the 50's and 60's, which is why that era is still so highly revered in American culture, and will continue to be revered well into the future. Unfortunately, Liberals are busy REVISING AMERICAN HISTORY to suit their own agenda, which is why our attention is always being re-focused on minor inflammatory political issues in order to divide us and incite enmity (i.e., class warfare); one of the biggest examples being the way the so-called "struggle" for "Civil Rights" has always been glorified by the Liberal media. "Civil rights" was nothing more than a carnival of provocateurs and opportunists looking for a quick buck (much the same way "Reverend" Al Sharpton panders victimization and discrimination in the present day) and was NOT a true reflection of the way things really were in greater society.

The reason this exposition of the truth behind the so-called "Civil Rights" era is still relevant today is because the same provacateurs who took advantage of innocent black families during the 60's are AT IT AGAIN with their SAME OLD TRICKS, only this time it's not the "plight of the subjugated black man" being shoved in your face in order to incite race riots, this time it is something hundreds of times worse: homoSICKuals! In fact, everywhere you look, there's a gay. The star quarterback in the NFL is a gay. The main character in every movie and TV program is a gay. Your child's PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER is a gay. The sodomites make up less than .05 percent of the American population, and yet if you turn on TV, Liberal Hollywood would have you believe that we are surrounded by gays; Liberal Hollywood would have you believe that this abhorrent, abominable lifestyle is perfectly normal and should be accepted by us and our children. In fact, being the "queer" kid in your senior class has somehow turned into the hottest trend, but what about being the Christian? Then you get tied up to fence post, beaten and left for dead, just ask the millions of Christians being persecuted throughout the middle east by Muslim terrorists like HUSSEIN Obummer.

Many have drawn a direct comparison between the fight for colored "equality" in the 60's, and the fight for gay "equality" today. However, there is, oddly enough, one very specific, VERY NOTABLE group of people who ADAMANTLY REFUSE to acknowledge any equivalency whatsoever between black people fighting for "equality" and homosexuals fighting for "equality". And just who exactly are these hate-mongering bigots?


In fact, it turns out that the one group of people (e.g., blacks) who are absolute professionals at thinking they are being discriminated against by everyone around them have absolutely ZERO empathy for another group of people (e.g., homos) who similarly think they are being discriminated against by everyone around them. Wouldn't you think it logical that "African Americans", who supposedly perservered and triumphed over adversity, would have obtained a modicum of enlightenment and understanding along the way, and thus the realization that if they didn't want to be discriminated against themselves, then they would start by themselves not discriminating against others? RECIPROCATION DUMMY. Sounds reasonable enough to me... but then again, NONE of these demonstrations and activists in the 60's had ANYTHING whatsoever to do with seeking "equality", but instead the goal all along was SPECIAL PRIVELEGES FOR A PROTECTED CLASS. And the black activists who marched back in the 60's have no stake whatsoever in seeing these special priveleges of "Civil Rights" extended to any other group, particularly a bunch of rainbow prancing Nancys who want to cross-dress in wedding gowns in YOUR CHURCH in front of YOUR KIDS and pretend to get "married" like a bunch of frat delinquents on Halloween.

If Warren Buffet fired all the black people who worked for his corporation, then some might call that "discrimination" (even though in a truly FREE MARKET society like ours, any business owner should have the freedom to hire and fire the people THEY CHOOSE, for any reason THEY DECIDE). In comparison, if Warren Buffet were handing out Million Dollar Bills to straight people, guess what: there wouldn't be a single gay in America! Because unlike blacks, who are obviously NOT ABLE TO CHOOSE their skin color, homoSICKuals CHOOSE who they want to be to suit their own selfish desires. And, more importantly, it is NOT "discrimination" when a gay CHOOSES to push their sick views on you, and you CHOOSE not to accept it. In fact, if you are openly gay, then YOU DON'T GET CPR DUMMY. Because if you CHOOSE to polish door knobs and do other such things with that filthy mouth of yours, then it is NOT "discrimination" for people like me to choose to say NO CPR FOR YOU, and for OBVIOUS REASONS. Indiana Governor Mike Pence agrees, which is why Indiana has become one of the few states with the guts to stand up to these perverts and PROTECT RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Why should PRIVATELY-OWNED businesses and PRIVATE RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS be forced to cater to these vile, disgusting child/pet molesting sodomites, if doing so violates our MORAL AND RELIGIOUS BELIEFS? Because this REGIME says that "equality" for OTHER PEOPLE is more important than YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIBERTY? STATE SOVEREIGNTY DUMMY. -KCP

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