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KINGSPORT CHRISTIAN PATRIOT presents a special CHRISTmas edition

The Boy Scouts; a tragic end to a Christian organization that brought so much to so many.

Millions of angry Americans have watched with total disgust as of one of the oldest and most respected Christian service organizations in the United States was dragged through the mud and destroyed by an overreaching, DICKtating monkey king and his quest to "Fundamentally Transform" our beloved country. THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA have guided millions upon millions of America's youth into manhood, with real-life lessons in leadership, entrepeneurship, Conservatism, self-reliance (NOT RELYING ON GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS, OBAMACARE), personal responsibility (NOT BLAMING RICH CEOS OR BUSH FOR ALL YOUR PROBLEMS) and above all, service to GOD AND COUNTRY. In fact, a lot of the Christian Conservative values you see exuded in this publication are values that Christians like myself learned while serving America as Scouts.

The United States of America is a Christian nation, founded by people like us for people like us. And like the founding of America itself, the Boy Scouts was also founded as a Christian organization by Christians, more specifically the Mormons. In the past, some had unfairly misunderstood the Mormons as being some sort of "cult" or something, largely because the Mormon doctrine is not well-understood and differs slightly than what you'd expect to see in a typical Freewill Baptist church like the one your family attends (i.e., polygamy, seer stones, traveling to far away planets, baptizing the dead, enchanted undergarments, and so on). Which is why 2012 became an important year for the Mormon church, when the whole world got to see that Mormons are just like you: perfectly rational, Christian people. Especially, by comparison, when standing on a debate stage opposite a bumbling jackass from Kenya who hates America, was an active member of Weather Underground with his best friend, radical-Left nutjob "PHD" Bill Ayers, and was a front-row attendee for the past 20 years at a black supremacist "church" operated by hatemongering "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright.

Mitt Romney's unfortunate defeat in that election reflects that Americans have dramatically shifted in their ideology, freely and wantonly embracing Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Maoism, Fascism, Nazism, Secularism and, in short, LIBERALISM. Americans voted AGAINST GOD'S WISHES so that they could get free foodstamps, free healthcare and an obamaphone. Mitt was not the only person to lose in this election; the casulties were numerous. Freedom and the Constitution: DOOMED. As were thriving small businesses like Papa John's and Denny's, who were hammered with 30,000 pages worth of OBAMACARE REGULATIONS (that Nancy Pelosi still hasn't bothered to read yet). PRIVATELY OWNED COMPANIES operated by the Catholic Church were FORCED AGAINST THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS to hand out free birth control (i.e., the Plan B Kill Pill).

And, of course, there is the Boy Scouts of America, yet another innocent victim of this Subhuman Mongrel's regime. What was once a reputable group which had always embodied Christian values, patriotism, and the very essence of America's heritage, the Boy Scouts had gotten along fine and dandy for hundreds of years WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT. This PRIVATE ORGANIZATION was forced by EXECUTIVE ORDER into accepting homoSICKuals (i.e., child molestors) as full-fledged members, because it's not nice to discriminate against QUEERS (but perfectly acceptable to persecute straight, white Christians who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership).

Liberals hate Christians; they hate freedom; they hate America. Liberals say and do whatever they please, and if you say something different than what they want to hear, you are automatically a RACIST and a BIGOT. And President Commie Darkie Muslim is no exception to this rule, he spends an inordinate amount of time making the case of class warfare, trying to stir public opinion against rich, elite CEOs who operate corporate empires. Like the Boy Scouts of America: a vast, multi-national conglomerate headed by billionaire robber barons who have too much money, so let's take all their undeserved wealth and redistribute it to minorities who don't work. Ummmmmmmm, guess what, president moron: it's a VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION DUMMY. In fact, the Boy Scouts can't even afford to rent their own meeting spaces; they have traditionally relied on local churches to allow local troops a safe place to hold their meetings. But unfortunately, many local troops, possibly even the one right in your own hometown, had to disband when thousands of churches across the country were compelled on moral grounds to sever their affiliation with the Scouts over the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'S plan (i.e., "Common Core") to homoSICKualize INNOCENT CHILDREN and indoctrinate KIDS into Liberalism and sharia law.

Neighbors literally closed the church doors on their neighbors, innocent Boy Scouts were thrown out on the street. And not because those people were perverts themselves, most of us thankfully don't even know any queers. What's happening is that many innocent Boy Scout troops here in Tennessee have had to suffer through all this BS simply because all the way out in California some place some faggot terd burglar wanted to wear women's clothing, join the Boy Scouts and prance around like a fairie princess; men pretending to be "married" to other men, it is the definition of mental illness. And not here in Tennessee, but ALL THE WAY OUT IN CALIFORNIA. Just because one single child/animal molesting pervert WE NEVER EVEN MET BEFORE WHO LIVES ALL THE WAY THE HELL OUT IN CALIFORNIA, everyone here in our small town has to suffer. Funny how a few homoSICKuals who live in a far away place that none of us has ever even been to before can provoke the entirety of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT into forcing EVERYONE in the whole United States to cater to a FEW PERSONS' WISHES. But what if a few (three hundred million) Christians want to put up a couple of CHRISTmas trees and celebrate CHRISTmas? You get THROWN IN JAIL DUMMY for being a RACIST and a BIGOT.

The fact of the matter is, homoSICKuality is still a sin even though PUBLIC SCHOOLTEACHERS are telling kindergartners that sodomy is normal. The Bible says that these sick perverts should be dragged into the town square and stoned, NOT given free healthcare, an obamaphone and other special priveleges. HomoSICKuality is disgusting, an abomination in every creed and in every country (except France and California), it is unnatural to the law of man or animals. And that is not being a racist or a bigot, that is being HONEST, because even Democrats think these cross-dressing, animal molesting sodomites are disgusting, the only reason Democrat politicians tolerate rainbow prancing Nancies is to get their votes (the same reason why Democrats cater to minorities, illegals, convicted criminals, etc.).

Nobody wants this, not now, not ever, not the Boy Scouts, not the Christians who live here in Tennessee or anyplace else in the south. And it's pretty obvious that King HUSSEIN'S fullout assault on the Boy Scouts is RETRIBUTION against Mormons and those who supported Mitt Romney in the last election. Because Liberals hate freedom, hate America, and most of all, hate straight white Christians who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership. And ever since the founding of this country, whenever a Democrat has been in charge of Government, this OVERREACHING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has had a long history of forcing BS on us that NOBODY WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

And so the Boy Scouts organization is now in decline, enrollment is down, financial support is wavering and it looks like it's game over; a rather tragic end to an organization that brought so much to so many. As Americans, as Christians, as patriots, as former Scouts, we all grieve this great loss as we would grieve the loss of a dear family member. But after thoughtfully considering this whole fiasco, it does beg the question: the Boy Scouts have obviously received much attention over a political issue, and yet why have the Girl Scouts (a radical Liberal feminist organization that has never claimed to be Christian) escaped public scrutiny entirely? -KCP

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