Kingsport under LOCKDOWN after white people TARGETTED by Black Supremecists.

KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE. Today residents of the Model City were under self-imposed lockdown conditions after it was revealed via anonymous yet credible online information that members of a radical Black Supremecist hate group had staged a violent and bloody massacre of innocent, unarmed white people. In fact, today's top trending story in the city of Kingsport was a newspaper article which alluded that hundreds of concerned families here in Sullivan County and all across eastern Tennessee had intentionally kept their children home from school today. OUT OF FEAR.

Evidently, according to many multiple and obviously credible sources [social media], an army of the so-called Black Panther party conspired to execute an elaborate, hostile terrorist attack against Kingsport schools on the anniversary of 9/11, the most deadly terror attack against US civilians BY RADICAL MUSLIMES. Further, these credible [social media] tips revealed that the objectives of this elaborate plot by Black Supremecist radicals was probably to assemble an armed tactical force and then "enter schools and massacre white students and teachers on 9/11" (timesnews.net 9/11). INNOCENT SCHOOL CHILDREN of all people!!! HAVE YOU NO SHAME??

Word of the potentially imminent terrorist attacks by BLACK PEOPLE intentionally targetting UNARMED WHITE SCHOOL CHILDREN spread like wildfire through the city, causing so much commotion that both the Kingsport Police Department and the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office were compelled out of necessity to increase their presence throughout the schools as well as the commmunity. And as of Friday night, authorities were probably still on the lookout for suspicious blacks in the area who are potentially aligned with Black Panther forces.

At this point, there is little doubt whatsoever that these people; that the Black Panthers; that the Nation of Islam; that the followers of "Reverend" Wright, "Reverend" Sharpton, "Reverend" Jackson; and of course, that the participants in the so-called "BLACK LIVES MATTER" social movement, are all ONE-IN-THE-SAME, the dogs of war, released from Michael Vick's kennels, with explicit direction to target innocent, unarmed white people who had NOTHING to do with SLAVERY no matter how much "Reverend" Sharpton claims otherwise!

It is only through the GRACE OF GOD, through the efforts of City and County law enforcement and, of course, through the EVER-WATCHFUL VIGELANCE of the LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNER, America's MOST SUCCESSFUL DETERENT TO CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, that these BLACK SUPREMECIST RADICALS were suppressed. These unsung heroes prevented this terror attack from happening today. But will these bastions of civic conscientiousness be celebrated for their PATRIOTISM AND SACRIFICE by the Liberal news media? Doubtful, indeed.

In fact, the newspaper that first reported this story is already backtracking. The original version of their report, which was released mid-day, made the the attack seem imminent; most of us were prepared for the worst. But when the day ended and the attack evidently did not occur, the newspaper went back and modified their original article in order to downplay the significance of the story as "apparently erroneous". No big deal; "these same rumors were being dealt with by school systems across the country," said some over-paid government stuffed-shirt bureaucrat. Well guess what dummy. 9/11 was just some "unsubstantiated" rumor... until it happened! Bill Clinton knew about all the "unsubstantiated" rumors regarding Osama Bin Laden for all 8 years of his presidency and did NOTHING, because it was just an "unsubstantiated" rumor. And let's not forget that BENGHAZI was also just an "unsubstantiated" rumor; in fact, 30,000 e-mails worth of "unsubstantiated" rumors that Hillary accidentally deleted. OOOPS!! While the newspaper may allude that this attack ended up not happening because it was just a silly rumor started by the Internet, the truth of the matter is that the citizens of Kingsport need to be thanking law-abiding gun owners for their service, because that is the only reason YOU ARE STILL ALIVE TODAY.

If you haven't already viewed this video message from Allen Lardieri about arming yourself and your family then you need to do so immediately. It is time to prepare. Just in case you haven't noticed yet, THE UNITED STATES IS OVER AND DONE WITH AS A COUNTRY. It's done. The minorities/criminals, the foreigners, the homosickuals, the muslimes, the athiests, the environmentalists, the young people who don't want to work for a living, and everyone else who hates America--in so few words, LIBERALS--have taken over the entire nation, they control the Government and the news media, and they are on the march, they are coming after YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. If you are a straight white Christian who believes in the Constitution and gun ownership, YOU ARE THE ENEMY.

As usual, the SUPERCILIOUS LIBERAL NINCOMPOOPS in the online forums didn't believe me when I first informed them of the siege that was taking place in Kingsport today: that right on the frontpage of the paper, the blacks were on the warpath and intentionally targetting unarmed white people. Some even had the nerve to assert that this was not the work of black people at all, that this spectacle was entirely FALSE FLAG GOSSIP being spread by immature, histrionic white racists in order to unfairly demonize black people. Very sad indeed, the Liberal knuckledragging Obummer-supporting cunts refused to believe THE TRUTH even when it is right in front of their face (can you say "Benghazi"?), accusing people like me of making up this whole story just because I am "racist" against Emperor Hussein. LOL!!

Well guess what, dummy. Go look at the newspaper, go turn on a television. Would Fox News be reporting this stuff if it weren't true??? African Americans, not just in Kingsport but all over the entire United States, are WAGING GENOCIDE AGAINST INNOCENT WHITE PEOPLE, all-the-while they are pointing the finger at YOU for being racist against THEM. THEY are the ones who are racist, THEY are the ones who banned the CONFEDERATE FLAG and PRAYER because THEY HATE CONSERVATIVES AND CHRISTIANS, THEY are the ones who teach YOUR CHILDREN in public school that the Founding Fathers were RACIST because THEY HATE AMERICA, FREEDOM AND OUR HERITAGE, and now THEY are seeing to it that the very existense of white people period will be EVISCERATED from the face of the Earth because THEY HATE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Do you believe me yet?? This is exactly what HOPE AND CHANGE looks like. This is what "Fundamentally transforming America" is all about. This is what "celebrating diversity" really means, to go out and eliminate all the white people. DO YOU BELIEVE ME YET?


The honest truth about this Liberal Black-Supremecist hate group.

"Black Lives Matter" is a social movement which emerged in the United States as a "peaceful protest" to the alleged "persecution" of black people by American society. Supporters of BLM have pointed to the inequities in America by spotlighting the cases of innocent victims like Michael Brown, Michael Scott, Freddie Gray, Samuel Dubose, etc.; all were unarmed black men who were allegedly gunned down in cold blood by white police officers (i.e., "white privilege", "institutionalized racism", etc.). And those were just a few of the most blantant examples; supporters from the African American community claim that the discriminatory hostilities against black people are pervasive, story after story. Which is why the BLM movement rapidly gained momentum in every city in America, and became particularly popular with impressionable young people who are easily entranced by whimsical talk of "tolerance" and "diversity". In other words, young Liberal morons who are eager to save the world, no matter how misguided the endeavour de jour; and I say MISGUIDED because that's exactly what "BLACK LIVES MATTER" IS ALL ABOUT.

History has shown us time and time again that "Black Lives Matter" is nothing but a hate group, like all the other radical Black Supremecist groups in America. If you simply look for yourself at the personal background of each alleged "victim" which BLM (and which Democrats) have held up as their heroes, these supposed "unarmed, innocent black victims" that are "gunned down in cold blood" by the racist cops, you will see that in every instance, each of these individiuals was in the process of committing a Felony when they were stopped by Police. Each had an extensive criminal record. Each was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Each tried to resist arrest, and scuffled with arresting officers. Each put the public in danger because of their own selfish, risky behavior. And each GOT EXACTLY WHAT THEY HAD COMING TO THEM.

Guess what, dummy. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!

Of course it's no surprise that BLM organizers have made heroes out of convicted criminals, drug dealers and gang bangers, because that is exactly who the African American community identifies with the most. In fact, back in July of this year, the very same day that UNARMED MARINES were being shot to death outside a GUN-FREE military recruiting office in Chattanooga, TN by a RADICAL MUSLIME TERRORIST, President Lawn Jockey was busy in Oklahoma giving a talk to black prisoners at a state prison facility. "I'm just like you," he told inmates. Seriously, while UNARMED MARINES were being slaughtered in a GUN-FREE ZONE, the president was commuting the sentences of drug dealers and lobbying for the elimination of mandatory sentencing in drug convctions, obviously because drug convictions affect minorities more than any other ethnic group in the country.

And if you simply look at the statistics of prison populations in America, most criminals are black. And for good reason. Not because I am racist, but instead, because a broken home with baby daddy in jail is the kind of environment that most black children are exposed to when they are growing up, and thus the behaviors that they will associate with when they turn into adults themselves. And so from their point of view, it makes sense that the black community has always had a rudimentary belief that getting arrested for committing Felonies is ALWAYS because the COPS are RACIST.

Meet Kim Davis, the "politically incorrect" county clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky who many Americans regard as a hero for standing up to His Royal Highness, President Subhuman Mongrel, vowing to never sign her name on the "marriage" license of a same-sicks couple (i.e.,YUCK I'M GOING TO BARF) because such perversion is against the laws of nature, against morality and common decency, and AGAINST GOD, an ABOMINATION. The legalization of same-sicks "marriage" illustrates that just because something has been "legalized" by "Government", this does not mean that it is right. In fact, the Holy Bible specifically states that homosexuality is an abomination; that homosexuals should all be EXECUTED; and that this is a just and necessary consequence due any person who willfully violates God's law.

Many have argued against Kim Davis, because many in this country hate Christians. And what's funny is that most of those naysayers AREN'T EVEN FROM ROWAN COUNTY, AND DON'T EVEN LIVE ANYWHERE NEAR KENTUCKY. It's a fact that Kentucky is one of the most Conservative states in the south; the people of Rowan County do not want same-sicks "marriage", the people here in the south do not want same-sicks "marriage", NOBODY WANTS SAME-SICKS "MARRIAGE". Futher, Kim Davis is an elected official; her obligation is to the people of Rowan County who elected her, NOT TO GOVERNMENT, NOT TO THE SUPREME COURT. If you don't like what goes on in Rowan County, then SHUT THE HELL UP BECAUSE YOU DON'T EVEN LIVE THERE DUMMY.

Specifically because of Ms. Davis's religious beliefs and her unwillingness to compromise on her Christian values, she was arrested by Federal officials and thrown in jail. Just as Jesus made a stand and the Romans came after Him, we are seeing tribulation unfold right here in America: the legalization of wicked perversion and immoral worldliness, the criminalization of the righteous, the destruction of Freedom that this country was founded on, THIS IS THE END TIMES.

Federal authorities thought a few nights in the slammer would teach this EVIL CHRISTIAN LADY a lesson. Well guess what dummy, the lesson we all learned is that AMERICA IS WRONG. The lesson we all learned is that it takes guts to stand for what you believe in, just like when Jesus took a stand, just like when KIM DAVIS TOOK A STAND. And finally, the lesson we all learned is that Kim Davis ain't a convicted Felon, she ain't on crack, she didn't resist arrest, she didn't fight with the cops, and therefore SHE DIDN'T GET SHOT BY THE POLICE WHILE TRYING TO RUN AWAY.

Take note "Black Lives Matter" protestors, the comparison between somebody like Tyrone Martin and Kim Davis should be apparent! Take a look at the pictures above and ask yourself a simple question: which one is the real criminal? Which one is the real threat to YOU AND YOUR FAMILY? The white Christian lady with morals and decency who simply wants to uphold God's will? Or the young black thug who is running down the street with his arms wrapped around a plasma television? The answer is simple: If you are a straight white Christian who believes in the Constitution and gun ownership, then SHUT UP YOU RACIST. -KCP

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