The truth about the Rebel Flag; the question of Federal Tyranny versus State
Sovereignty; the Patriots who LOVE America and the Liberals who HATE America; and so forth.

TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI. Just last month the student council at the University of Mississippi (aka "Ole Miss") voted to unilaterally ban Mississippi's State Flag from campus because the design of Mississippi's State Flag incorporates the QUITE OBVIOUSLY "RACIST" Confederate battle flag. Of course, since the student council is made up entirely of undergraduate students, their decision was neither legally binding nor enforceable; that is, until just a few days afterward when campus officials (i.e., grown adults) acquiesced (i.e., caved) and made it official: the State Flag of Mississippi is now officially "racist" and therefore BANNED from the campus of the University of Mississippi. A FEW FACEPALMS LATER, an honor guard consisting of troopers from the Mississippi State Police lowered the Mississippi State Flag at an official ceremony in the Ole Miss ampitheater, and then all other remaining flags quietly disappeared from campus.

What a travesty and an embarassment to the whole state of Mississippi; these hapless Liberal knuckleheads who hate America, and the traitors on the faculty of Ole Miss who let this happen, all deserve to be taken out to the damn woodshed out back and never heard from again. Just imagine for a moment how sickening it must have been to be a part of this honor guard, imagine serving the people of Mississippi as a state trooper, and then having to take down your own state's flag in shame, all because some elitist white liberal millenial looks at that flag and all they see is hatred and disgust (and keep in mind, we aren't even talking about the flag of the Confederacy from hundreds of years ago; we are talking about the RIGHT NOW OFFICIAL STATE FLAG OF MISSISSIPPI being BANNED from MISSISSIPPI'S OWN STATE UNIVERSITY).

Seriously, do you think the officers of the Mississippi State Police share the same feelings as these nimrod millenials? You gotta be shitting me; to go out and serve the people of the state of Mississippi as a state trooper, putting your life on the line everyday; most of the people who serve as state troopers today are veterans who served America FAITHFULLY in active duty, and so these patriots obviously know that valor and sacrifice are the price of that fucking flag. But NO, guess what: along come a bunch of spoiled white elitist liberal millenials who just graduated high school last month, think they know better than everyone, have no respect whatsoever for authority or people who worked hard for what they have, they spit on YOUR heritage, they spit on the Mississippi State Flag, they spit on Jesus and those who follow Him, these people spat on you when you came back from Vietnam and today they are spitting on the very institutions that have always made America great. Because LIBERALS HATE AMERICA.

And the ultimate irony? Members of "Black Lives Matter" social movement are still actively rioting in Furgeson, Baltimore, New York, in every city in America; their goal is "social justice" and "equality". And what is the response they have gotten so far??? A bunch of rich white elitist liberals on the student council banned the Mississippi State Flag from being flown at the University of Mississippi because these rich white kids think black people should find it racist. These rich white kids probably don't even know a black person personally; just like all elitist white liberals, they are completely tone deaf when it comes to black people and what blacks actually want.

Do you think the blacks who are burning down Baltimore right now actually care about some stupid flag at some stupid university they never even been to before?? Most black people probably don't even know what an "Ole Miss" is; it sounds like a fruit cocktail with an umbrella in it that only old women and homoSICKuals order. Further, when white elitist Liberals look at a Confederate flag and claim that it is "racist", guess what dummy: the Confederacy only existed for 5 YEARS, meanwhile slavery existed in America, in both the South AND the North, for HUNDREDS of years. So when a white elitist Liberal looks in shame at a Confederate flag and all they see is hatred and disgust, those are the SAME GUT REACTIONS that a black man has when he looks at an AMERICAN flag, or looks at the all-white founding fathers in a history book.




The truth about the Rebel Flag; the question of Federal Tyranny versus State
Sovereignty; the Patriots who LOVE America and the Liberals who HATE America; and so forth.

The United States of America was founded by people who didn't like being told what to do, by anybody. And this is, in fact, the reason why the USA is regarded as the birthplace of Freedom, because the American people have always had a long-standing tradition of not wanting to be told what to do. Further, the spread of Freedom throughout the world is because people the world over, people of all nations and colors, aspire to the ideals of what it means to be quintessential American: Liberty, Freedom of Religion, the Right to not only openly possess, but to OPENLY USE, firearms to protect yourself and others (America was founded by law-abiding firearm owners), and most important, CONSTITUTIONALLY-LIMITED GOVERNMENT. This is American Exceptionalism at work: our culture's instinctive, explicit recognition of the unequovical necessity to respect the rights and property of people like you and me: Christians. Patriots. Americans. Literally, being born as an American, right here in the greatest nation in the universe, YOU are the very essense of Liberty itself. And when Liberty, when YOU, are endangered by an enemy, foreign or DOMESTIC (i.e., LIBERALISM), the quintessential American spirit has always responded with steadfast conviction and expediency to thwart such heresy and tyranny in all its incarnations. Because people like you and ME DON'T LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO; NOT BY YOU, NOT BY GOVERNMENT, NOT BY ANYBODY (i.e., a muslim terrorist from Kenya).

Which is precisely why, by the late 1700's, a little-known colonial named Washington was marching to Trenton with a modest, all-volunteer group of farmers and day laborers (known today as the Tea Party Patriots) to repel an enemy force of hundreds of thousands of professionally-trained and well-armed British conquistadors. Not only this, but Washington's poorly-outfitted men were also facing the onset of brutal winter conditions (and of course, since the Revolutionary War happened hundreds of years before stupid Liberals discovered "climate change", it must have been like negative 40 degrees the whole time!). All these farmers were walking around barefoot in the snow, uphill to fight a battle that they knew they would NEVER POSSIBLY WIN.

Because if you are a patriot, if you truly know what sacrifice is all about, if you had served under Washington in those days, then you would already know that winning isn't the point; setting your goals higher than you can physically reach and then fighting for what's right is what truly matters, and even if you don't win today, you'll still be a winner in the end because you stood for what's right. And that is exactly why the colonials DID win despite all the odds, because God recognized something special in the American spirit. A new Gospel was unfolding right here on American soil; the hard work and perserverence of Christians on the battlefield, at the Continental Congress, and codified into the Constititution and the Founding of America; One Nation, Under God.

THE REBEL FLAG; an emblem of supreme patriotism and freedom in the face of tyranny.

1) The same American spirit that resonated around the world during our first War of Independence echoed loud and clear throughout our second War of Independence (also known as the War of Northern Agression) when innocent, law-abiding Americans faced their greatest, most treacherous enemy, an ENEMY FROM WITHIN. As has been demonstrated time and time again, the principle issue at debate during the so-called "Civil War" revolved around settling the question of STATE SOVEREIGNTY versus FEDERAL TYRANNY (i.e., COMMUNISM, wealth redistribution, socialist entitlements, etc.), and had nothing whatsoever to do with black people (as has been alleged by Liberals like "Reverend" Sharpton) so get over it already, dummy. Further, although Abraham Lincoln has been romanticized in Liberal Hollywood movies as a hero who was obsessed with "preserving the union", let's not forget that Lincoln was the traitor WHO CAUSED SECESSION IN THE FIRST PLACE specifically because of his unilateral, dictatorial rule, and his hatred of not only Southerners, but black people, too! (the Founding Fathers had PLENTY of experience dealing with such liberal tyrants, which is why they codified into the Constititution that power comes from the People, not some "King" in Washington).

Suffice it to say that the "Civil War" eventually concluded. Though obviously, among the NUMEROUS FACTS that your children AREN'T being taught by the FEDERAL Department of Education who operates your child's PUBLIC SCHOOL (i.e., indoctrination center) is that the winners of war are the ones who get to rewrite history in their favor in order to glorify what a great hero Lincoln was (even though he is on record many times criticizing blacks for their perceived lack of intelligence and capability) and to demonize Southerners as "racist" (even though Northerners owned slaves, too). BE THAT AS IT MAY, like I said before, what matters most is not about winning, the most important thing is about fighting for what's right, and if that is what you have done then you'll still be a winner even if you aren't.

And it is evident by their actions, that the courage, selflessness, patriotism involved in taking a stand for what's right, even if it is an unpopular position that will lead to your own detriment, is exactly what makes America what it is: GREAT. Take Jesus for example, He took a stand because it was the right thing to do, even when He knew in advance his actions would lead to his own crucification. In the American Colonies, many Loyalists objected to the drafting of a declaration of independence because it meant bringing war and hardship, but the Tea Party Patriots REFUSED TO GIVE IN TO TYRANNY NO MATTER THE COST OF FREEDOM, NO MATTER HOW UNLIKELY THE CHANCES OF SUCCESS. And likewise, those who stood against tyranny during the War of Northern Agression knew exactly how poor their chances of tactical success, but they sacrificed themselves anyway in order to stand for what's right: they would NOT cede THEIR Liberty, THEIR sovereignty as American Citizens, THEIR ability to take control of their own destinies, to an OUT-OF-CONTROL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT who thinks HE knows what's best for YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

Which is exactly why those who remember history accurately will remember the "Rebel Flag" as an emblem representative of sacrifice, patriotism, freedom in the face of tyranny.

2) In the 1960's, Americans all over the south once again saw all their rights as free American citizens (with LEGAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES) being stripped away by an overreaching Federal Government, this time under the guise of the so-called "Civil Rights" movement, which has been glorified by Hollywood (i.e., "Selma", "12 Years a Slave", "Roots", etc.), though history has shown us time and time again that "Civil Rights" had nothing to do with seeking "equality" or with feigned accusations of "racism" and "descrimination" against blacks. "Civil Rights" was nothing less than a SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP whose objective was to secure special priveleges (e.g., Affirmative Action, welfare, obamaphones) for a protected class. In fact, whenever a Liberal talks about "equality" or "descrimination", what they are really talking about is taking away rights/money from someone WHO WORKED FOR WHAT THEY HAVE and giving it to somebody else WHO DOESN'T WORK AT ALL (and obviously, it is entirely "racist" to POINT OUT THE BLATANTLY OBVIOUS TRUTH).

To that end, the so-called "Civil Rights Act" passed by Congress in 1964 had nothing whatever to do with what the Founding Fathers intended when they wrote the Constitution. This unconstitutional legislation by a corrupt Congress enabled the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to dictate terms of the hiring and firing practices of PRIVATELY-OWNED small businesses, as well as to whom services are provided and how those services are rendered. In other words, COMMUNISM. A total affront to the fundamentals of the Constitution, which is why the "Civil Rights" movement was principally concerned with pushing their agenda via FEDERAL LEGISLATION and FEDERAL COURT DECISIONS, rather than through DEMOCRATICALLY-DECIDED VOTES on referendums held in each individual state (i.e., states rights). A Government that THINKS for you, and DECIDES what is best for you, and for everybody else. And if you stand up to this Government that knows best, or if you stand up to this newly created "protected class" established by the Civil Rights Act, you will be sued for discrimination, millions upon million of dollars, you ignorant RACIST and BIGOT.

Prior to the 1960's, every single Southerner was both a loyal Democrat and a loyal supporter of Unions, because once upon a time Unions and Democrats once stood for hard work, personal responsibility, self reliance. But after the Democrat-led Federal regime of JFK/LBJ embraced wealth redistribution and black supremecist ideologies (i.e., "I'm always the victim") of the Black Panthers, "Reverend" Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Abraham Lincoln, Jimmy Hoffa, etc., Americans finally woke up to the true reality, the true HORRORS, of LIBERALISM. This EPIC BATRAYAL by top leadership in the Democrat party didn't go un-noticed in the South, which is why every single Southerner took a stand, and today (with the exception of black people and college students) there aren't any Democrats in the South.

And it's no suprise that Southerners back in the 60's recognized the obvious parallels between the Liberal politics of the 1850's and those of the 1960's: the issue of State Sovereignty versus Federal Tyranny was once again playing out. It only made sense that Southerners would open up their steam trunks, and bring out their great grand pappy's flag, and adopt this noble emblem of freedom as our state symbol, once again this noble flag was flying from our courthouses and state houses, a signal to this overreaching Federal Government that their tyranny would not be tolerated.

3) Black Lives Matter; the re-birth of the "Civil Rights" era. One of America's greatest leaders once said, "Ask not for what your country can do, ask what can you do for your country." These infamous remarks are quintessential Reagan; true Conservatives recognize that life is not about getting what you want, life is about what you have to offer. And President Reagan's words are all the more poignant in present day, as members of the so-called "Black Lives Matter" social movement are marching all over America, protesting in the name of "social justice" and "equality", and they are determined to satisfy their demands at any cost. And yet a reasonable question could be asked, "what do these people have to offer America (besides broken windows, rap music, and crack)?".

If members of BLM had valuable skills/talent to offer an employer, then they would be "equal" in the workplace. If these people demonstrated personal responsbility at home, then they would be "equal" in their communities. And if these people had respect for other peoples' property, then they would be "equal" in America. Because true "equality" doesn't come from protestors demanding more Government legislation (e.g., Civil Rights Act of 1964, Affirmative Action, etc.); what you get out of society comes from what you have contributed to it in the first place. And guess what: Breaking windows and setting cars on fire is not a means to an end if you expect people to treat you as their "equals".

Seriously, is the unemployed thug with a criminal record who constantly feigns discrimination at every opportunity "equal" to the person who put aside their petty differences years ago, started from nothing and worked hard all their life with little complaint when things didn't always go their way? Of course not, because people AREN'T equal when you look specifically at what they have contributed to society, and what they expect back from society in return. And this is exactly why BLM are PROTESTING for equal rights instead of putting aside their freaking skin color and working hard for what they want. As with "Black Lives Matter" of today, the "Civil Rights" demonstrators of the 1960's has been shown time and time again that the real underlying agenda had nothing to do with "equality", but was about achieving special priveleges for a protected class of people.

4) Barrack HUSSEIN Obama made history when he was "elected" as the first black "President" of the United States. And it didn't come as a surprise to anyone when, being that he is a black male who grew up the ghettoes of Chicago, and was obviously being constantly descriminated against for his skin color, he brought an attitude of personal victimization with him to the White House. Which is one of the reasons most people regard him as being the weakest President in history, as well as the most divisive, for his constant race-baiting. In particular, while he has been in office one of his agendas has been to "help" the children of America by irradicating "bullying" once and for all. Which is why the Federal Government has invested hundreds of millions in grant money to establish wonderful outreach programs that are teaching children it's okay to be different; in fact, being different is what makes you SPECIAL! And obviously, diversity is not something you should bully people over, diversity is something to be celebrated.

Of course, if you aren't a moron you can read in between the lines: these "anti-bullying" social programs are just a bunch of carefully veiled liberal lobbyist groups that are going around indoctrinating children into thinking that it is perfectly acceptable to be "different": in other words, a liberal, a homosickual, a muslime, a foreigner, etc. It's kewl to be differenet, as long as you aren't a straight white Christian who believes in the Constitution and gun ownership, then YOU ARE A BIGOT. You see, that is exactly what the chatter about "bullying" is all about. EVERYONE is accepted, EVERYONE is tolerated (as long as you aren't a straight white Christian). It is in the name of putting a stop to "bullying" that we now have homosickuals running the Boy Scouts of America; it used to be a Christian organization, but Christians are obiviously bigots so let's just turn the Boy Scouts over to the child molestors. Further, children in this country are being taught spanish so that they will be able to communicate with all the foreigners flooding into America who refuse to learn English; because its MEAN to make foreigners speak English.

Hence, the reason why it is so important for Liberals to label the Confederate flag and those who have pride in their American heritage as "racist". Because Liberals are the most tolerant people in the world; tolerant of WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE. But if you believe in Freedom, then you must be a racist! Whether it is 1851, 1964 or 2015, Americans with Rebel flags in hand will always stand against tyranny, against an over-reaching Federal Government which continues to abuse its power and authority to persist in the unconstitutional harassment of the law-abiding citizen it is supposed to serve, Government imposing its dictatatorial whims on people who DON'T LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO. In fact, when MUSLIME TERRORIRSTS attacked us on 9/11, it was white Southern Christian Conservatives who responded in Iraq; While these people were protecting America, Liberals back at home were busy DESTROYING AMERICA.

Flags aren't racist, PEOPLE are racist; and guess what: Democrats/Liberals are the ones who are the most racist of all, we have seen that time and time again, they think they know what's best for blacks because Democrats/Liberals are the ones who brought slaves to America hundreds of years ago, and today they are the ones who want to keep the blacks in the chains of GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCY. And the proof is that it isn't black people who are obsessing over "racist" flags, it's WHITE PEOPLE who are the ones making fools of themselves. Elitist white Liberals are the ones who are CREATING racism because that's how the Democrat party gets votes.


KEN WEBBER, 28, was summarily and dictatorially, without appeal or due process, fired from his job as a schoolbus driver for an Oregon public school (i.e., Liberal indoctrination center) after refusing to remove a Confederate flag from his truck while it was parked on government property; in other words, the CONSTITUTION no longer applies when the GOVERNMENT SAYS SO. Look at Ken Webber's picture, do you think he looks like the kind of man who is going to bend over and let these Liberal morons have their way? Wakeup America, we need more people with nuts who aren't afraid to stand up and be like Ken Webber.

The Battle in Greeneville: maverick County Commissioner takes a bold stand.

In 2009, then-GOP-presidential-nominee John McCain selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate. And she proved to be an excellent choice, indeed; her executive and business experience, her leadership skills, her passion about America re-inivigorated not only McCain's campaign, but all Americans everywhere. And this fact has beared itself out time and time again, as Governor Palin continues to draw energetic crowds wherever she goes. Seriously, do you remember a time, before or since her debut on the national scene, when Americans were any more excited about America?

Of course, the practice of a presidential candidate selecting his own vice presidential running mate is a relatively recent development in American governance. Prior to the turn of the century, the Vice President position was filled by the runner up in the Presidential contest; in other words, the newly elected President's political opponent was always selected as his Vice President. As was the case with "President" Abraham Lincoln (though Lincoln, and Al Gore in 2000, went down in history as losing the Presidency by way of popular vote and instead being "elected" by a majority vote of the Supreme Court). Lincoln's Vice President (and thus the man who most staunchly opposed him in the election of 1860) was a little-known southerner from Tennessee who was born into poverty, worked his way up WITHOUT HELP FROM GOVERNMENT, all the way to being elected President himself.

ANDREW JOHNSON was born in a a tiny cabin in rural Greeneville, Tennessee. Today, the cabin itself, as well as Johnson's adulthood home, are both preserved for posterity by the city of Greeneville, and both are regular stops on elementary school field trips. Because REAL southerners know the importance of their heritage, they aren't ashamed of it (like some idiot millenials who hate America). And REAL southerners know the necessity of ensuring that this knowledge is perpetuated into the future by passing what we know on to future generations. As a proud southerner and Christian Conservative, Johnson stood staunchly opposed to the tyranny of Lincoln during the election of 1860, and throughout the War of Northern Agression Johnson was an advocate for states rights, especially in defense of the rights of his constituents here in East Tennessee. And as a Conservative, Johnson believed in working for a living and earning your keep, which is why he was staunchly opposed to the wealth redistribution and class warfare of his opponent, Lincoln.

GREENE COUNTY, TENNESSEE. Last October, much international notierity was paid a small "backward", "inbred" town in Tennessee after a local "illiterate" county commissioner stood in defense of Freedom in America. In fact, the lone action of a brave but humble gentleman standing up for America could very well serve as the catalyst that wakes people up in America once again, and sparks them all to stand against tyranny. At the top of this webpage, we re-posted quite possibly one of the most eloquent ellegies written for the heroism of American Veterans, and we feel that the wording of this proposed Greene County legislation, which was sponsored by Commissioner Buddy Randolph and instantly gained international noteriety, is something that Greeneville's very own prodigal son, Andrew Johnson himself, would have gladly supported.

"Greene County recognizes and remembers those who fought for the South," reads this simple but profound document. "These Tennesseans' fought for what they believed to be right.... These efforts of these men to persevere must not be forgotten and the Confederate Flag represents that heritage and history that our County should be proud of."

Like Jesus Christ, Andrew Johnson, or Kim Davis, Commissioner Randolph was slandered and maligned entirely due to his standing for his convictions and refusing to compromise on them. Commissioner Randolph stood in front of an entire nation and brought the people of Greeneville to light in the whole world, but he wasn't intimidated for an instant, neither did he let this instant fame go to his head, nor inflate his personality over his humble raising. It is, in fact, the humilty, the sacrifice, the old-fashioned grit, the same qualities that it took to stand up for what's right in War or to spread your arms on the cross like Jesus. Many have tried to destroy Mr. Randolph's reputation, slandering him, but he has responded with dignity and grace. And if you were to simply go back and read the resolution above for yourself, you would see that not one untrue thing is enumerated; that this description is exactly accurate to the ideals that the Foundingn Fathers fought for, as well as what Southerners fought for, and should become a document taught to students of all ages, as a demonstration of pure, selfless American civics.

At a commission meeting Monday night, Randolph, 67, was the only commissioner out of 27 who voted in favor of the measure. "If people have a problem with it, it's their problem," Randolph told reporters from Johnson City-based WJHL. "It's just a part of history." Well, guess what. We agree. American history is something that we are going to PREACH and PREACH and PREACH just like the Bible, just like God's law, and if people have a problem with it, guess what dummy. Go fuck yourself.

As long as there is at least one person, like Buddy Randolph, willing to sacrifice themselves by taking an unpopular position inorder to stand up for what is right, then we aren't completely lost as a society. And that is the fundamental spirit that this country was founded on, taking an unpopular stand and sticking to it. Remember, when the Founding Fathers declared independence, most people in the colonoies were against such action because it meant trouble and war. The Founding Fathers took a band of a few hundred poorly equipped farmers and went up against the entirety of the British. And it all started with ONE VOTE that went against popular opinion. Because that was the RIGHT THING to do. -KCP

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We the People.

Before the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution had even come about, the words of Freedom were first conceived in pamphlets. Common Sense; the Federalist Papers; Benjamin Franklin operated a publishing company for just such purposes. It is no surprise that the Founding Fathers, as part of their duties as statesmen, were all prolific, talented writers. These are they who first articulated the radical notion of Freedom which We the People continue to enjoy hundreds of years later.

In keeping with this fine tradition we bring you words in the same vein, but through the Internet, and hope you enjoy this edition.

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