Seditious traitor, liar, coward and incompetent idiot, Emperor
HUSSEIN Obama circumvents Constitution, rules by EXECUTIVE ORDER.

  • Age of Corruption: our so-called "President" directly orders the US Attorney General to lie to Congress (Fast and Furious). Innocent Americans get killed by Muslims, and then traitors in the White House and the State Department lie about it because Muslims are our best friends (BENGHAZI).
  • Cradle-to-grave dependency on Government. Hundreds of millions on Food Stamps because of the Community Organizer's Liberal agenda of Government Dependency. There are more takers than makers; the top 50% of Americans are the ones who pay ALL THE TAXES and the bottom 50% are the ones who benefit from ALL THE GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS (see Congressional Budget Office (CBO) stats that show Americans who make 30K or less pay NO TAXES, and instead receive an income tax refund from the IRS that refunds more money than they originally paid in; the "Earned Income Credit"; thanks President Lawn Jockey).
  • Government takeover private health insurance companies (Obamacare) to give free healthcare to those who don't work at the expense of those that do (if you aren't man enough to man up, work honestly, and pay your own way in life, including paying for your own health insurance out-of-pocket, then you aren't important enough to deserve healthcare to begin with; those that do not contribute to society in a meaningful way do not deserve society contributing to them, see 2 Thessalonians 3:10).
  • Mexicans get pushed to the front of the line at hospital Emergency Rooms for priority medical treatment courtesy of taxpayers like ME, meanwhile 40,000 patriotic veterans stand in line at the VA waiting for aspirin (VA scandal; The Teleprompter Reader's amnesty plan for hundreds of millions of illegals translates into VOTES FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY).
  • Government forcing PRIVATE employers, against their religious beliefs, to pass out free contraceptives (i.e., the Plan B Kill Pill) and subsidize abortions at Planned Parenthood (see Sandra Fluke, the modern, Liberal "independent woman" who spreads her legs every night with a different man outside marriage).
  • Government forcing PRIVATE religious organizations (the Boy Scouts) to accept homoSICKual members (i.e., child molestors).
  • Government passing stricter and stricter gun control legislation that specifically punishes law-abiding citizens, disarming them and turning them into unarmed victims. And while the Government is busy disarming you to prevent you from defending yourself and your family, agents of the Postal Service and the IRS are busy buying up all the 22 ammo at Wal-Mart, stockpiling millions upon millions of rounds of 22 ammo leading to unprecidented nationwide ammo shortages.
  • The redefinition and destruction of marriage by a bunch of twisted pervert homoSICKuals, men who want to be women, crossdress in a wedding gown, put on a faux wedding and pretend they are married, when they are not. Marriage is defined in the Bible as being between ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN. Marriage is NOT a couple of perverts playing dressup in women's clothes and molesting children and household pets; in fact, the Bible says specifically that these deviants be brought to the town square and stoned, NOT rewarded with special priveleges, free healthcare and an Obamaphone. HomoSICKuality is an abomination in every country and in every creed, unnatural to the law of man or animals, and is disgusting to look at, period, unless you are a Democrat then crossdressing and sodomy is considered perfectly normal (exactly what the Liberals are teaching YOUR CHILDREN in PUBLIC SCHOOL).
  • The Community Organizer's Lily Ledbetter Act. A nosey black employee snooped her coworkers paychecks and then sued her employer because she didn't make as much money as her coworkers. So King Commie Darkie Muslim gets involved, because rich CEOs have too much money, rich CEOs are racist for not giving Lily Ledbetter the same amount of money as everyone else working at the company (nevermind the fact that maybe the quality of her work isn't as good as everybody else's, and that is why she is paid less; black people depend on Affirmative Action, accusations of discrimination, etc. to get ahead).
  • The Community Organizer's campaign against "school bullying" (it's not okay to be mean to people who are black or queer because you might hurt their fragile "feelings", but it is okay to persecute straight white Christians who believe in the Constitution and gun ownership).
  • The Community Organizer's destruction of the most prestigious service organization in the United States: the Armed Forces. President Buckwheat's implementation of "politically correctness" in the military, the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" means that there are now more homoSICKuals in the Marines and the Army than were ever in the Navy. The best and the brightest leaders in the military quit in anger and disgust, refusing to follow orders from a bumbling jackass who has the nerve to call himself "Commander in Chief".
  • The Community Organizer forcing the military not only to accept homoSICKuals, but forcing them to put women in combat duty, so now all of a sudden there is a 300% increase in the number of sexual discrimination, sexual assault, and sexual harassment cases. Excuse me, but don't these Liberal feminist idiot women have anything better to do than to tag along into a war zone and then spend all their time on the battle field accusing every man around them of discrimination/assault/harassment? If you are a woman and you don't want to be raped, don't join the military, stupid. Some of these women are simply begging for it because seriously, what do you expect when you put a bunch of clueless women in a war zone around a bunch of agressive young men, pumped up on testosterone, in a WAR ZONE?
  • The Community Organizer touted so-called "American exceptionalism" at a West Point graduation ceremony, telling attendees, "I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being". Here we go again, the Kenyan making a mockery of America. What an absolutely arrogant prick. Not even a week later, Russian President Vlad Putin publishes a full page editorial in the New York Times in which Putin specifically critizes his Royal Majesty, explaining very clearly that Americans AREN'T any more exceptional than anyone else in the world. Nice job Obummer, making us look like dicks. Yet again. -KCP

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