Why do we worry so much about the wellbeing of future generations,
when we are the ones who intentionally set them up for failure?

The other day I was attending a business conference in Michigan when a gentleman from India struck up a conversation with me. India asked where I was from and I started telling him about the Model City.

As with a lot of people that have quite unbelievably never heard of the most awesome place on Earth, India gave me that dazed look which said, "if Kingsport is such a big deal, why haven't I heard of it before???" Well the answer is quite obvious, really. Because we keep good things a secret to ourselves!

"Also, we have three Wal-Marts."

When I'm traveling and meeting new people from all over the world, they always get really impressed when I tell them that. Especially some guy from India who never even seen TP before coming to this country. And as you know, Wal-Mart is regarded the world over as synonymous with economic prosperity, and some of the largest, most successful cities in America don't even have as many Wal-Marts as we do. Certainly Johnson City doesn't have three Wal-marts now do they??? QED.

Well about 20 minutes later, Red Face enters the seminar area. And since Red Face is the only other white American in the room, India assumes he must obviously be from Kingsport, too.

"No, I'm from Illinois," says Red Face. "There too many damn Commonists in Illinois. I like to move the helloutta Illinois but the Commonists have taken over the whole damn country."

At this point India can't figure out what he is supposed to say next, and so all of a sudden he immediately remembers that he is supposed to be somewhere else at this very moment! Never see him again.

So there I am, all alone at the table with Red Face, and he's lamenting the decline of civilization, the destruction of morality and the traditional nuclear family, criminalization of our Christian values, our American heritage, and our freedom. Red Face is particularly worried about "...our children and our grandchildren". And so I ask him how many children he has.

"A 2-year-old, and a 6-month-old," says Red Face. "It's so sad".

Sad, indeed. And so today I want to talk about that 2-year-old and that 6-month-old, because the concern which everyday middle-class Americans have for the wellbeing of "our children and our grandchildren" raises a very important question that I would like to specifically bring to your attention.

Which is why I'm going to focus this discussion ENTIRELY on that one very important question. I'm not going to argue that Liberal traitors like Barrack HUSSEIN Obama have "FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED" America into NAZI GERMANY. I am not going to argue that this Subhuman Mongrel has DIMINISHED America's place in the world. I will not argue that this cunt's regime has DESTROYED Freedom, DESTROYED the Constitution, DESTROYED everything that millions of American Patriots have fought and died to protect. Nor I will argue that Christians like you and me are being actively PERSECUTED for our personal religious beliefs. Nor will I argue that the blacks are burning down every major city in America, incited into racist riots by boobery boobs like "Reverend" Sharpton. Nor will I argue that your children are being INDOCTRINATED into homoSICKuality, sharia law and socialism under the guise of "COMMON CORE".

I know it might seem hard to believe, but I am not going to argue ANY OF THOSE THINGS, period. Further, for the sake of argument let's assume that I was actually MUTE the whole time; in fact, YOU were the one who was telling ME about that stuff while we were in the breakroom at work today, just like any ordinary day. And so in consideration of this, I would like to finally get to the point and FINALLY pose that important question that I think is more-than-reasonable to ask, given what YOU have just told me:

If YOU constantly assert the world to be so essentially hopeless, and if YOU also claim to cherish the wellbeing of children, then why would somebody like YOU intentionally bring children into what you yourself believe to be such dire circumstances of extreme depravity?

Obviously I could understand if your child was 15 years old, because 15 years ago you thought everything was just fine: prosperity was on every hand, things were looking brighter everyday that went by. Which is why you bought that brand new dually to pull your bassboat out to Cherokee Lake. And obviously nobody thought twice about not wearing raincoats to bed because nobody had any reason whatsoever to suspect that the good times wouldn't continue indefinitely. Of course, things happen and now we're here: the dually and the bassboat both went back to the bank and now I'm sitting here in the breakroom listening to you paint the picture of gloom and hopelessness like Pastor Jimmy on Sunday.

So here's what I don't understand; maybe I'm a moron and I'm just doing the math incorrectly, but why do you have a 2-year-old, or worse yet a FREAKING 6-MONTH-OLD, when YOU KNEW as far back as 2009 that America was in decline both morally and economically; YOU KNEW that Americans had turned their backs on God, that Americans were embracing wickedness, and that our society was definitively past the point of no return; and MOST DAMNING OF ALL, YOU KNEW what kinds of dreadful implications this would have on future generations. So why do people who pride themselves on being "pro-life" and so passionate about the wellbeing of children intentionally go out of their way to conceive more and more kids into this mess, KNOWINGLY condemning them to a life of persecution, genocide, suffering? Ever heard of "abstinence", dummy????

As a child, Sarah grew up in a large family, and so she always knew that as an adult she would also raise a large family of her own. She met a red-faced man from Illinois who had a great job and piles and piles of money to spend (naturally Sarah doesn't consider herself to be a "gold digger"; instead, in her online profile she prefers to characterize herself as "in search of a good provider"). Sarah and Red Face get married; he hands over his wallet and sells his Chevelle, meanwhile she is busy being pregnant and blogging about it continuously. Unfortunately, their first and second born daughters are both born with severe brain damage; although both children will live long lives, they will be mentally incapacitated for life and will require constant care.

Doctors warn Sarah that she must NEVER get pregnant again because these severe birth defects are genetic and are guaranteed to be present in all her future children. Sarah is devestated; her hopes of having a happy family are over. But then she gave her will over to the Heavenly Father (and to her audience on Facebook) and she found consolation: God had put these trials in front of her as a test of her devotion as a wife; her selflessness as a mother; her Faith as a Christian.

Sarah ended up giving birth to 2 more children.

In this quite obviously hypothetical case study that, by the way, I DIDN'T just copy right off some stranger's blog and then I DIDN'T change the wording around so that you wouldn't ever be able to track down the actual "Sarah", do you think Sarah's decision was a GOOD IDEA when considering that her two latter children were born completely healthy? Or would you have a different opinion of her if those latter two children were both born with the same severe birth defects doctors warned her would happen?

Actually, whether or not things eventually worked out in the end is not really relevant. As Christians, we believe that LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION, which means Sarah had to decide whether this was a good idea 1) BEFORE STICKING IT IN, and 2) based entirely on what she knew beforehand regarding the quality-of-life circumstances the baby would be conceived into. Thus the relevant question, IRREGARDLESS of how good or bad things turned out AFTER birth, is whether Sarah is a hero for being strong and never giving up on her Faith despite what doctors told her? Or is Sarah the WORLD'S BIGGEST DOUCHE for conceiving more children into the world knowing that they would almost certainly have been born with a malady that would cause them to suffer their entire lives?

Of course, potential health issues is not the only quality-of-life concern to consider. What if Sarah were 14 years old, single and had no job? We lecture girls exactly like that on the importance of ABSTINENCE; and we castigate them for embracing the Liberal ideals of ABORTION as a form of birth control. Or what if Sarah were in an interracial or homoSICKual relationship, and conceiving a baby into that kind of perverted, abominable lifestyle? What if Sarah were a Baby Momma from the Detroit ghetto who was pooping out babies one-after-another just so she could get a welfare check and a free house? Do you think ANY of these Baby Mommas actually care about the health or wellbeing of their unborn child? No, they all smoke crack throughout their whole pregnancies!

In short, why is it SO OBVIOUSLY WRONG for EVERYONE ELSE to conceive babies into situations of extreme depravity when quality-of-life for a young child is guaranteed to be so dreadfully compromised, and yet perfectly acceptable when people like Sarah, people like Red Face, or people like you, for example, knowingly conceive children into trying, hostile circumstances? Consider a country that is Fallen in every imaginable way; a people that have defiantly turned their backs on God and that actively persecute His followers as criminals; YOUR CHILDREN condemned to enslavement by a totalitarian Federal Government that has usurped the power of the States to decide for themselves, a regime of indoctrination into socialism, homoSICKuality and sharia law. Not exactly a favorable situation, now is it? So if ABSTINENCE was a good idea for the 14-year-old who couldn't ensure that a child would be properly cared for, why isn't abstinence good enough for people like you and me, who have the intellectual capacity to know better and thus do what's in the best interest of a child?

Meet Alan Kurdi.

Just like all of the other innocent children in the world who have been conceived under the fists of a tyrannical regime and born into a lifetime of enslavement by a Liberal fascist government that persecutes people for their religious beliefs, Alan Kurdi's parents couldn't keep it in their pants either. Alan spent his entire childhood fleeing genocide and persecution with his parents; eventually Alan's family tried to escape into Europe by crossing an ocean on a cardboard raft, which ultimately capsized and resulted in Alan's drowned body washing up on a beach. Photographs of Alan's dead body went viral in social media, but in spite of his well-publicized death, and in spite of the tragic deaths of millions of other innocents across the middle east at the hands of MURDERING MUSLIMES, LIBERALS in this country have continued to paint the portrait of ISLAM as a "religion of peace". There is, however, a very good, very POLITICALLY INCORRECT reason why millions of people, like Alan Kurdi's family, are running AWAY from Muslime countries, trying to escape into Europe by the MILLIONS. And the infamous beach photograph of Alan Kurdi has become such a lightning rod in the Arab states that MANY ARABS THEMSELVES have questioned and criticized the "compassion" of Islamic/Arab culture.

The Arab states together comprise 300 million people, a combined population and wealth equivalent to Canada, the United Kingdom, or any other civilized, technologically-advanced country in the EU. Consider that, to date, Germany BY ITSELF has accepted 2 MILLION asylum-seekers fleeing the middle east to get away from these MURDERING MUSLIMES. Germany has taken in 2 MILLION STRANGERS, most of whom don't even speak a lick of Deutsch, given them FULL CITIZENSHIP and BENEFITS, all-the-while NONE of the Arab states have done ANYTHING to help THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Keep in mind that Alan Kurdi's family could just as easily have escaped the war in Syria by hopping on bicycles and pedaling across the border into Jordan in just 15 minutes, but instead they tried unsuccessfully to cross an entire ocean on a cardboard raft! Like I said before, there is a VERY GOOD REASON why people are all running AWAY from Muslime countries, and guess what dummy: it's not because Islam is a "religion of peace".

Our once-great country, as well as the entire world today, are besieged with endless suffering. And yet if God is supposed to be so merciful, why is there so much suffering in the world? And, in particular, why are children the ones who are being punished the most? And what's most tragic about the children is that their suffering is almost always at the hands of adults who are supposed to know better, and supposed to look out for the best interests of God's most precious gift: a child's life.

Pastors everywhere have faced the question of suffering numerous times: the fact that there is suffering in the world is not proof that God doesn't exist. There are numerous tribulations contained within the Bible, stories which illustrate fullwell that the real world isn't fair, but along side the stories of tragedy are stories of redemption; of triumph; of ordinary people with enduring Faith who remain steadfast and unshaken despite extraordinary adversity. And, of course, the biggest story of all, that of a parent's ultimate sacrifice, conceiving a child into a lifetime of hardship and suffering, this is the story of Jesus. God knew all along what would happen to Baby Jesus, God knew an eternity before Jesus was even born that He would suffer and die on the cross for all humanity. And guess what: this is exactly what Tough Love is all about. Tough Love is not about suffering, it's about ETERNAL LIFE and the LOVE we have for our Heavenly Father.


In fact, when I was a kid we were taught the grim reality that we WEREN'T the center of the universe. I was whacked plenty of times for my own stupidity, and guess what dummy: nobody called the cops on my parents for "child abuse", and I turned out perfectly FINE. And many times I DID WITHOUT. Like millions of other American children growing up back then, I learned the hard way that life ISN'T fair. That life ISN'T supposed to be fun. That you CAN'T get the things you want. That you CAN'T do the things you want to do. That you WEREN'T put here on earth to enjoy yourself. You DON'T deserve "JUST BECAUSE". You AREN'T special, NOBODY is.

Consider the story of Anne Frank, for example. Anne Frank was a Jewish teenager who hid with her family in a small crawlspace for over two years in order to evade being sent off to the camps by the Nazi's. What's particuarly endearing about the story of Anne Frank is that no matter how deprived and tragic her personal life, she always remained upbeat and positive. Because people who have grit are able to thrive in times of hardship, and they become all the better for it.

Unfortunately, today's generation isn't able to cope with not getting what they want, because we live in a world where people have everything at their fingertips. But the truth is that the capability to have anything and everything you ever wanted ISN'T synonymous with the wellbeing of children; in many ways children are much better off when they DON'T get what they want. Because it is the trials that God puts in front of us every day that make us better people, that challenge us to be better Christians. The bigger the challenge, the STONGER we turn out to be in in the end: like Anne Frank, like Alan Kurdi, like Sarah and Red Face. That's what Tough Love is all about. -KCP

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